Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, I can honestly say that I am tired, burnt out, a shell of a person today. I think it is a telling thing when the people around you are asking when your next vacation is. And suggesting that, perhaps, you could take a few days off. And that is what they are saying to my face. God knows what’s going on when I’m not in the office. Although the straight jacket that appeared yesterday out of nowhere is somewhat disturbing.

But life goes on, and some things will never, ever change, no matter how beat up I may be. And one of them is the penchant that Laura and I have for getting up to mischief. I’m not sure we mean to, but there you have it. Somehow trouble just seems to follow us around.

What we did was this.

First of all, Laura (“I MAKE money when I shop”) found an auction that was selling office furniture. And, coincidentally, I needed a bookshelf. And we were off. Laura bid on these and won them for 15 dollars, which I thought was a steal.


It is actually a set-two of them. How incredibly exciting. Laura got some other stuff that was pretty cool, especially this table-sorry for the blurry pictures.


But I digress.

So we got the bookcases, one of which I needed quite badly to put in a secret location where I spend a LOT of time and people are trying to have me committed by suggesting a “vacation” (insert Generose here). However, at this secret location I have not been told that I can actually have a bookcase like this in the building area. However, and this is important, I have NOT been told I can’t have it either. So do you see the moral and ethical dilemma that Laura and I had when I saw these bookcases and knew they would fit perfectly, and would satisfy Laura’s unquenchable thirst for getting a deal?

And so we were off. First hurdle, however, was the car. Although I knew the dimensions would fit perfectly in the top secret location, the car? Not so much.

However, after much sweating and making Laura hold the heavy end while we repeatedly and loudly told each other to pi-VOT, we managed to put one in the car and transport it to location X.


Laura thought this was a great picture so I will include it, but she didn’t let me take a picture of her. Although, if I had thought of it first, I could have taken it while I had her trapped balancing the end on the back seat. Dang.

Of course, when we got to the place that shall not be named, we got in the back door and Laura said “We should have gone in the other way so we could go directly to the elevator” (hint hint). I had a rather blank look because I don’t think in my whole life long, in about a zillion moves, have I ever not had to manually carry furniture up stairs. So we got to the elevator and looked at each other like we were Einstein or something, and then couldn’t get our keys to work to get the thing to actually go up to the second floor. And then we were a bit worried about getting the door back open. Holy Locked In the Elevator with Contraband Furniture Batman! Well, we escaped and carried the shelf up a flight or two and offloaded it into my space where it fit perfectly AND held all my books and stuff.

I’d show you a picture, but, well, you know. It’s a secret.

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caillie said...

great job on the getting everything up the stairs and stashed!

You gotta love secret stuff!