Monday, April 26, 2010

Girls Night Out

On Saturday, we had a desperately needed girls night out.

DSC01279 - Copy

This is the Community Well Team, mostly. Kris K on the left is a temporary member, working part time with us from Jan to March, before returning to the elderly waiver team. Then me, Cathy and Dawn, who just returned from leave. Mary K is not there, as she is still home recovering from her hip surgery.

Yes, we are quite the team.

DSC01280 - Copy

Cathy was especially happy, toasting us with a kamikaze, or was that the apple pie shot, or perhaps the Scooby Snack shot…


which looked like this.

Notice my phone in the lower left corner. My new Blackberry. I can text. So I texted Angie, who said she was going to be out on the town, and we found her only a few minutes away.

DSC01285 - Copy

She is so cute-She makes me look blah. Note to self, wear make up at the next GNO. In about 3 more years…


Angie was with her posse, the blonde next to her is her sister Missy. I keep forgetting the other girls names, maybe because I only met them once. But they were a good girls night out bunch to meet up with.

We mingled and mixed.


DSC01290 - Copy

And had a lot of fun. That is for sure. It’s been a long, long, time since I had a night out with just the girls.

Dave made some remark about the girls being jealous of my being married to such a wonderful man like him.


Yeah, uh huh. That’s right.

So, I am slowly finishing Lynn’s mom’s quilt. I now have the star border, beige and blue borders done. I only have the red border left. It is adding another 12 inches on each side. This thing is getting pretty big.


I will be done by next weekend.

Kitten got out on the deck and watched me wash the dishes.




Want to know what’s really embarrassing? The dirt is on the inside of the window. Even Kitten can hardly believe it.

Gotta go finish a dang Block of the Month-or maybe….wash a window.


1 comment:

Amy said...

He is soo fascinated with what you are doing inside, isn't that cute!
I hardly noticed the dirt until you mentioned it!
How does a Scooby Snack taste? It looks awful! :-)
I just got a new phone too! Mine is the HTC Droid Incredible by Verizon. It is their version of the I-Pone! I can't believe I have one!