Monday, May 31, 2010

Salute when you address that boy

This week has been fraught with occasions and activities.

But firstly, I didn’t mention last week that Cody has been accepted into the Navy. When I say accepted, he didn’t enlist exactly, he applied for a program that pays his medical school bills  in return for 4 years of service when he is done. We are very happy about this. I can’t wait to see him in uniform. Although that may be some time.


This is the best I could do as Cody does not like to be interrupted to have his picture taken while sitting around doing nothing. Anyway, congratulations.

Last week we had the meet and greet at the 2100, which continues to have a life of its own. Seriously.

So for a couple of hours everyone in the building walked around and toured the area. I have already worked both upstairs and down, so I just toured for the social benefits and to enter my name for prizes. Did I mention the theme was Wizard of Oz, and we followed the “yellow brick road” up and down and all around?

Then, just to top off the day, we had a group picture with everyone in the bldg. And look who helped out-


The Rochester Fire dept ladder brigade. So that Nick could get up in the bucket and take our picture aerially




Ahh, our tax dollars at work. Gotta love Olmsted County.

Mary K came out to watch the festivities and get her picture taken. I took her picture and told her I’d blog her. Notice that she is at a distance because when I told her I’d take her picture she said she would physically hurt me if I got anywhere near her with my camera.


9 weeks ago Mary had her hip replaced and look how good she is doing. Pretty soon she’ll lose the cane. Personally, I’ll be happy because she can be a little scary waving that thing around.

Anyway, she was not at all into being blogged. I explained that she needed to embrace her inner blog worthiness, and then pointed out that Laura has more than accepted her role as blog muse. See? Look at this


Look closely


Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Let’s compare

DSC01439 DSC01436

Okay. I think I have made my point here.

So after we burned our retinas standing out there for 1/2 hour or so, they drew for prizes (I didn’t win) and then back to work. By which time it was almost time to go. I love a productive day.

Sunday was the Med City Marathon which is not going to get much mention because I did so incredibly badly. Really. I trained and felt so good about it. I love the course and have run it a couple of times. But when I got up in the morning I didn’t feel so well. And it reflected in my time, which was 22 minutes slower than last year. I had no strength and had to walk. I was too hot too. But I think that was a by product of feeling so crappy.

But I have a couple of pictures.


Cute Patty was there. So we got what is becoming our pre race ritual picture.

I lined up


I finished


And that’s that. I am still in mourning for my lost time. Laura volunteered and was posted about a mile before the finish. It would have been better to have a picture of her than of me.

Dave was kind enough to tell me that  a big fat guy finished before me, and that everyone I knew there finished before me, and possibly Mary Kraft and her cane had a better time.

I will not speak of this again.

I think part of the problem was that the Hillbillies next door messed with my feng shui.

I came home on Saturday afternoon to find this lovely addition to the view out the back


Lovely isn’t it?


Here’s a closer look. All I can say is f*#>ing Hillbillies. Dave says that it isn’t so bad, and he is looking forward to the grass growing up underneath to complete the picture.


In the big picture, it is sort of hidden. I can’t believe I can’t put a shed out back, but this thing can sit out there. Well, I hope the Jed, Granny, Jethro and Ellie Mae enjoy it.

I had some fun with Kitten. She has become my cat blog muse.


Kitten being pensive


Kitten being playful


Kitten close up.

And then I took one of Dave, out of sheer boredom, and I was testing new batteries for the big camera.

P1010279 (2)

And that is the ups and downs of last week. The weather has cooled off and it rained a little, got the flowers planted and the veggies in the raised bed. Pictures next week.

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caillie said...

Sorry about your slower running time!! You did say you didn't feel well.

Hillbillies are great aren't they!?!?!?
I love the cat! of course I love all red-heads! :-)