Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Better Late than Never

I am running a bit late this week. I think it was because I was verklempt yesterday. Cody called and the Navy is being a little bit governmental. Seems they are taking issue with some exercise induced asthma from about 10 years ago. Even though he had a dr. note saying it was a non issue.  So he has to jump through a few more hoops. It’s all so frustrating. So I felt bad about that. Today things are looking up. One of the recruiters spoke with the physician who is having the issue, so all Cody has to do is get a pulmonary function test to rule out asthma. Of course, he is in Maine right now, so not as easy as it sounds. But at least they aren’t saying he is unapproved, like yesterday. And this, in some way or another, has been going on since February. It isn’t like Cody waited until the last minute to apply for the program. This is how long it has taken. Our government at work.

Last weekend we moved Blane to Winona. Well, we moved his stuff, he was already there.

Friday night we put it all in the garage to have it ready to load.

Kitten, my muse, was very helpful.

DSC01452 - Copy

Here she is contemplating what all this means while doing some Namaste Yoga.

I am sure at a loss now that she is gone.

Saturday, I went and ran Chester Woods, another hot and slow run, but I wasn’t as broken as the week before.

Here’s the start. I almost missed it because I thought it was further down the road.

DSC01456 - Copy

Dave got a great picture of me starting.


I edited it to make it easier to see.

See the arrow? It’s pointing to me under Dave’s thumb there.

So I started. He met me at about mile 2 or so at the water stop.


Gross. I don’t know why I post these ugly pictures. But there I am, already sweaty.

Then I was gone in the woods. Dave whiled away the time by taking interesting pictures of the Smiley Face Lady’s car. She also had Smiley Face shorts on. I guess it’s nice to have an interest.





Need I say more?

Ok, after Dave got done thinking about this, and likely took a little nap, I finished. Finally. 10 miles of trails. The worst part is I didn’t win a prize because some other 50 year olds were 20 minutes faster than me. A guy in an arm cast was faster than me. That is so, so, sad.


After that, we drove up to Roch and rented a big pickup truck. Which I did not photograph. Although I don’t know why. We stopped off at the Kraft home, where Mary and Don had kindly gotten me some rhubarb. Laura was there too. And still no pictures. What? Laura should have reminded me, being the (human) blog muse. But then again, Mary gets a little cranky with the picture taking.

After we got done, we loaded up the truck, went to Winona, off loaded and took Blane to get his mattress. Really good deals at the Salvation Army. Rebuilt mattresses. Very nice. We also dropped off kitten, and I miss her and her grumbly growls already.

We got done just in time for a big downpour. Man, was I tired. Dave got a weekend rainbow picture.

I finished up a couple of projects.

DSC01468 DSC01467

Two more BOTM squares. I have 17 now. I am working on the hardest one. I really don’t like it. And we don’t have any formal BOTM anymore, which really ticks me off. But I am going to finish all the squares and make a blanket. I really, really am.

I got a back for the star quiltDSC01335

And took it to the quilter on Monday.

I am now going to start this giant paper pieced scrap quilt


2006? Seriously? No. I didn’t buy it until 2007. So it’s only been about 3 years now.

I got these in the mail too


Now when I go to the next large knitting function-I’ll have the pin. I got a set for my sister too. We’ll see if she reads this and asks about them…..

And best of all, because I waited an extra day to post this, look who came over


It’s Tater Pie! Is she not the cutest ever? So I immediately called Laura, and, well, you know the rest.


Yep. Baby hogging. I do believe there is some sort of baby whispering going on here.

DSC01476 - Copy

Not so sure about this standing up stuff.

DSC01478 DSC01477

I took a picture of Kristen, said Tater’s mom, but it was blurry, so I am only including pictures of our little Peyton. She even had some shots today, and she was still a happy girl to see us.

So, that’s why I was late posting. Next week, I’ll be right on time.


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