Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Busy Week

This week I had lots of fun, I think.

On Monday I went to Sit and Sew-when I walked in look at what the girls were up to-
That Marcia on the left, then Chris then Suzie in the yellow. They were eating pizza! I made myself right at home and told them not to get up-but they did anyway because they can't help themselves.

Suzie is our Sit and Sew leader These are my squares from last month's Thimbleberries Club

And these are this month's

Here's a finished scrap quilt-not mine. It is from another member of our Thimbleberries club (I want to say Nancy-I hope that is right) Anyway, she did a beautiful job

Those are all scraps from other quilts and projects. I too will finish mine someday.........
While I was there I bought this:
Can you stand it??? I cannot wait to use it. I haven't even been able to play with it since Monday because I have too much stupid homework. But next week is TNT at Pine Needles
and then I should be really drooling over what I can do with it. I can also do all the software sampler projects.

I fininshed the embroidery block #2 but did not photograph. That comes next week.

On Thursday I went back to PN and did Block of the Month. Saturday I did BOTM at Kristen's. We had quite the session. It was Barb and me. So we sat and had lots of fun. I started a new block twice. Then the crazy lady came in and the unfriendly knitter lady. At least I thought so. Most knitters like to chat about their projects and what thye are doing or going to do or whatever. Not that customer. She did buy some beauteous yarn. The crazy lady just talked about her crazy life. Barb and I decided we are magnets of some sort and left it at that. Can't wait for next month.

I cast on for the Flow tank with Bamboo. I hope it turns out. So all those things are in the queue for bloggage next week.

Today I ran the Fool's Five in Lewiston. 4-6 inches of snow predicted but didn't materialize-Thank God. I was very slow. Well, not too slow unitil mile 3.5 to 4.5. It was totally into a strong head wind, and I was already nearing the end. Last year I ran it in 43:31 but not sure how I did this year. I don't remember it being so windy last year.

Anyway, here I am at the start with the other 1999 runners.

And here I am finishing-nice hair.

And here, with even better hair, is me with Dr. Ferris, whom I used to work with all the time and I see every year at this race-without fail.

I didn't see running man though. I've known him for years yet do not know his name, I only know him as running man and I was sad not to be able to blog him. Maybe next race.

And that, along with work, papers, life-oh and getting my hair done on Saturday too-is a day and a week in the life.

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