Sunday, April 12, 2009

TNT-I had a blast

Well, last week was TNT in Racine sponsored by Bernina and Pine Needles. I took some pictures but got way too caught up in what I was doing so I didn't get the important pictures-like of the speaker and of Marcia, owner (with Suzie) extrodinaire.

However, all is not lost because I did get pictures of a few other of my fave people in the world-

Here is Darwin, the lone guy in a world of Pine Needles women. If it weren't for him our machines would never get serviced. He is quite knowledgeable about the innards of a Bernina.

This is the Bernina 830 doing some reverse applique for me. It really does run smoothly and threads itself. Marcia sold quite a few during the day-congratulations.

I am still loving my 730 and holding out for the long arm-which Marcia promises to sell me as soon as she gets set up in her new shop in Decorah.
Here's Suzie and me playing dueling cameras. I had to sneak Connie in the picture-she would not consent to an actual picture of herself-I should have snuck one in when she wasn't looking....

Here's our Suzie again-standing in front of the Bernina award for being the best Bernina dealer in a 5 state area. Whew.
Lastly, Suzie is giving me a wink-bacause she knows something I don't-like what I'll be buying next! It was a really fun day and I am glad I got to go. Check out more pictures on the Pine Needles Blog.
I think they probably have pictures of Kevin, who was our fearless leader of the day.

On another note-here is Elvin, aka Yeltsin, aka Bodey (I don't know where she got to be Bodey), just because......

Look-she matches the cow!

Oh, and Happy Easter.

Dave and I are now Twittering although we don't really get it. Maybe if we get more than one follower it'll be more fun.....

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