Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a Week

Well, I am done trying to edit the stupid blog. I was trying to get my header picture smaller and let me tell you-it was impossible to the point I had to take it out. I don't know the html codes and I can't understand where it is in the widgets.

I still can't believe I say things like that.

So the week started out with Easter, I guess, but in the swing of things I sort of forgot it was some sort of holiday. We did try to make a ham but that got started too late so we had a turkey instead. It was what it was. Blane was over though, and we went out for a walk. It was a pretty nice day

Then on to the caring warmth of Mayo. I hate dr's and appts and all that jazz. Those who love it I say more power to you. But personally I don't have a life to waste. Hated the doctors and the procedures and the wait, wait, waiting. Just once I'd like to go to a specialty at Mayo and get a doctor that is over 17. Seriously. (ok, I've only been to a three and it has only happened at two but still...)

Anyway, here I am enjoying myself at 7 PM waiting to go home but having another hour to go.

Dave enjoyed himself too, after he got the comfy chair with his feet up. After this fun time, the next day, we went back (why I just don't step on a nail and be done with the pain is beyond me) and waited another hour for the 17 year old doctor who didn't know what to do because he couldn't talk to his dad doctor because that doctor was unavailable and we never did hear from him again. Hmmmm. Oh well, big dr. was a bit of a cheesehead and baby doctor told me the wrong thing and had to call back the next day to tell me I was right.

>Can anyone spell second opinion?

Needless to say, I don't think I have to go back for a couple of years. I think. Don't really know....

Then on to the week. Thursday was running clinic here . That was fun. Did a little stretching clinic. I am bad at the stretch. I just want to sit down at the end.

Friday was another day altogether. St. Charles was big news, although we didn't make the national news. We thought we should. Northstar foods caught on fire. That was a big deal. At 2:30 or so they evacuated the town. So of course I had to come home at the usual time. They were worried about ammonia tanks exploding or something. I figure since I live up above the fray I was immune. So we stayed home like the rogues we are. Here's a link to the Post Bulletin but I am not sure how long it will stay a good link.

This is the smoke we saw when we were sneaking into the city on the back roads. It was a pretty quiet night in St Charles.

Yesterday was embroidery block of the month and software sampler. Here's a few of the blocks

These are mine-I don't have the boarders on, I put them on today and they look really cool

These are Peggy's. I wish I had better pictures.

These are Marilyns. They really came out looking good. Maybe making them bigger will help-just click on the picture-very simple.

Then we went to Northstar to check out the blaze.

What a drag. Second biggest employer in St Charles after the school district. There are about 120 workers I think. Which begs the question, how can there be more St Charles school district employees-there are only 2 schools here....

So, here's the outside, doesn't look so bad, but then get around the corner.

Oh oh, bad fire damage. Actually, the whole interior is pretty much gone.

No more poultry prep in the Charles for a while.

While we were there it started smoking again so we decided it was time to go back home.
We had to stop and get the car that Dave left at the bus stop-we were afraid of forced evacuation if we went to town to get it Friday.

And that is the week. I left out all the homework I got behind on, the indecision every day to continue this stupid program,and the daily grind of work etc etc. But it was there, just not as exciting as all the rest of the week.

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