Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not Much, and yet....Everything

Not much new around here. We spent the whole weekend doing nothing but recovering from the week. It seemed to bring some stressful stuff that made us all very tired. Very, very tired.

But tomorrow is Monday, I am going running first thing. I would have been more motivated this AM but the temp was 16 with the wind chill (it was really really windy) and I did not want to face it.

Then I am going to finish my paper for class this week-very early actually. I finished the first one Saturday-WooHoo. I attend classes through Walden University, online based in Mnpls. Sometimes I think it would be easier to do discussions through conversation. Actually I know it would be easier but I work full time-no time for conventional classes. I sure am getting good experience with APA. The people who thought that stuff up obviously had too much time on their hands.

But anyway, I did manage to finish my Wallaby.

Wow, that is a really bad picture.....Oh well, you get the idea. I think I should have cropped my face out.

I am on the foot of the RSC sock #1 and just rec'd kit #2. I better get busy.

I did one of two blocks for BOTM-Embroidery.
I am 16 rows from being done with GAAA#5.

Oh, and guess who came home, again?

Yup, Blane and Good Kitten have moved back for a week or so.

Actually, Kitten came first, but she wouldn't come out until Blane came. She loves her Blane.

I guess that sounds quite busy. Tomorrow is sit and sew in the afternoon, after that AM run and paper finishing. More about that later.

Oh I almost forgot-we watched a bunch of basketball because it is March Madness and Dave had money on the brackets. We had it all on Pitt and they lost in the last second-seriously, I am not even sure Villanova had a second, but they won. We are now out of the money. Dave is now backing Michigan because of his love of the Big 10. Whatever happened to the Pac 10? Oh well.

Then we watched Tiger Woods win it all on the last putt on the last hole in the Arnold Palmer Invitational -

Golf just hasn't been the same without him.

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