Sunday, April 26, 2009

Slow Week

This week there is not much new to report, at least not like last week. Now that was a busy week.

I have been very tied up with classes so if it was busy I didn't notice.

I have a few finished things I can put up-

Here is the finished BOTM from Racine. This is the Wallflower BOTM from Batiks. I tried to cut using the nifty notions half square/quarter square rulers and ran out of fabric. I don't think I will do that again.

This is the embroidery BOTM. I think the flowers are kind of weird with the three color tulips.

Here is the knitting BOTM from last month. I am a little behind on this month but I can't go to either of my BOTM's because I have a race next weekend and then we are going to Maine to see Cody graduate. I hope to do lots of knitting there!

These are the embroidery BOTM from last month that I finished the borders on. They turned out pretty cute.

Oh, and here is a wild eyed Halloweenie kind of cat.

We have some birds building a nest right outside our back door-they aren't very good at nest building-I'll try to sneak a picture next week.

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