Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Birthday in Pictures

It has been a while.
I had to rest up after the big birthday bash of '09.

Here's what happened:

I decided to take 5 days off for my birthday. I planned to get all sorts of things done, get ahead on homework, go here and there. But the best laid plans....

Thursday AM of the birthday day the doorbell rang-and was I surprised.

Look who showed up-all the way from Tucson and Seattle-

Well, not a great picture but you get the idea.
So, plans were put aside and we went here for a visit and here for lunch. Here's Martha and me enjoying delicious lunch with flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

After that we stopped at Kristens Knits in Rochester and got some cool yarn. Debbie got some chunky and funky yarn and made the cutest scarf and headband, of which I don't have a picture-why is that?
After that long afternoon we had to open up one of these-(remember them?)

Well, one turned into two, and two turned into three and pretty soon it was looking like this

Well, it didn't look like this right away-we had dinner and cake.

But after all was said and done it pretty much looked like this

I thought I had survived but in actuality the next day dawned and I felt like this

I think what tipped the balance was the wine of my birthyear- Or not. Oh, and did I mention that Martha and I ate 3/4 of the cake to soak up that wine we were consuming? Debbie claims it was us but what do we know-we had 3 1/2 bottles of wine...

Anwway, after I got the icepack off my head we went to lunch with some coworkers and their zillion babies.

We also did some fun things like got my oil changed and walked around the mall, but ultimately came home, took a nap, had some pizza, and ended up the day watching TV and knitting.

I didn't mention that I got some great presents-I got a camera, and the coolest accessory bag for quilting from Debbie and this swift from Martha

We left for the cities on Saturday and stopped by Carlton College to see my nephew, Martha's son Alex. Man, his freshman dorm room is deee-luxe

We went to the cities to see this play. It was OK. I suppose you need to be a wee bit more Minnesotan to really dig it. We drove around in the afternoon and looked for yarn stores. We found one internet store (oops) and one retail, but it was closed. So we had dinner and the play.
The next day Dave and I left to go home and the other girls goofed around the MOA until flight time. Here we are before leaving-

We drove home into this-

After we were home for a while we decided to mosey down to the Good Sport in town and have a couple of toddies. The bartender was very shy-

After that, it was Monday. Luckily I had the day off to rest but was tired all week long. And I was extremely behind on my work.
But that is one birthday I will never forget.

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Family Seattle said...

Hi Sarah!
Sorry to have taken you away from homework, but, man that cake was good. Dark chocolate and red wine - we added years to our lives.