Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's raining babies.....

We had another baby shower. Here are the highlights-

Here is one half of the guests of honor. Chase Harvey, much grown and kind of sleepy.

Our girl Cora R. showed up with Angie-looking wonderful as ever.

The interpreters came along with Wanda, our supervisor. (That's Patty in the background, organizing the party. We are trying to hire her out and make a couple of bucks for ourselves. She can plan a party like no other)

and Ali McNally-pants (aka Ali), the other half of the guests of honor. She came away with lots of good stuff.

Little Laura tried awfully hard not to, but she had some serious baby-hogging going on.
That's ok for we love our Laura, best clerical gal on the face of the planet-that is no lie nor exaggeration. You should see her go.
She did sit down for a while with the baby. She has to rest sometime.....

After the baby shower.......
We had more spring and these guys thought it was ok-even the dog with only one eye.

It was very sunny, but still brown around the place. Hopefully we'll see some green soon.

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