Sunday, March 1, 2009

Done and Not Done

I finished Block #4 of the GAAran Afghan

Here's a detail. This one was pretty easy.

Now, I thought I had finished the mystery quilt and I took some pictures and uploaded them and was in the process of posting when I realized I had a HUGE mistake in it

Can ya see it? Holy Crap, I about freaked the frak out when I saw that the top border is on UPSIDE DOWN. How does that sh** escape me? Dave was mopping the floor (oh don't be so impressed, I vacuumed the whole thing and used a toothbrush to clean the stairs) and I came running over there like my hair was on fire to look at the thing-believing that the picture must have some sort of computer code glitch that has caused it to appear as if the border is on upside down. (No such luck) When I told him, Dave said oh, he thought it was something really important. I thought I might have him rip out the border and then match up all those seams just so he could understand why I was curled up in the fetal position slapping the floor, but thought the better of it.

I am now off to rip and repair. More pictures again later. I hope.

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Anonymous said...

Aaack! What a pain. Because of course you're not going to leave it.