Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wind Chills

Well, I made it! I got to Rochester as the snow started to fly. I went to the mall, Shops on Main, the car dealership (another story) and Pine Needles. When I got home it looked like this-

That is visibiltiy of about 1/4 of a mile.

And the whole thing made Trixie a little nervous.

So yesterday's snow led to this in the driveway. The temp is 12 below and the wind chills are something like 27 below. But really, is that going to stop us from shoveling? No way.

So Dave and I went out and shoveled. I had to give Dave some remedial shoveling lessons as he was shoveling into the wind. Yes, we were getting blowback. He also was not wearing any long underwear and got cold. Duh. I, on the other hand, have on long underwear, flannels and a covering of polartech, with a turtleneck, sweatshirt, and Columbia coat rated to 10 below. So there. And a NW Airline regulation wool scarf to cover my face. Two pairs of gloves added to accessorise topped off with ladies calf length Sorels. Dang, I was pretty warm.

There were sun dogs today above the neighbors. Dave doesn't like this picture because the house is too dark below the sun but I say who cares-check out the sun dogs. I think that means more rain-or snow in our case.

Oh and by the way, Cody squeaked in on Thursday between Wednesday, a bad flight day, and Friday, a day marked by a zillion weather delays. Man is that kid lucky.

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