Friday, December 19, 2008


Tomorrow I have to go to my favorite quilt store (Oh and check out the classes next quarter-I have scrap therapy, embroidery club, software sampler, and of course-The Super Bowl Mystery Quilt all on my calendar so far-but I digress)

So, I have to go to Pine Needles and get some thread, then to the mall to get something for my friend Janice (I'll find a picture) and then elsewhere to pick up one last present for my husband. And you know what? It is supposed to snow and blizzard and do all sorts of things that could thwart these last minute carefully made plans.

So if I leave early enough I might outrun the thing. But if not, I will run smack dab into it on my way home. Well, actually it would overtake me as it and I would both be heading east.

I have to get Blane too, as he wants to spend the week at home with his cat, Good Kitten (pictures to follow, although Blane is pictured at his b-day in November). And how easy it would all be, smooth like warm butter, if only, if only it was not going to be a blizzard tomorrow.

I'm going for it.

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