Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

Dudes, seriously. Christmas Eve was totally the bomb. See how much fun we are having. Really, we are having fun. We would get up but we are so bloated by ham, potatoes, veggies, cake, brownies and cookies that we could only sit and continue to drink our wine, which was preceded by some beer and succeeded (post-ceded?) by some delicious Myers Rum. Does this family know how to do Christmas Eve or what?

Cody picked up some Fat Bastard Wine. Look how shocked the Wise Men are by this-

Blane was going for some ham, his favorite food, but so were the dogs. I am almost sure that Blane caved. Sometimes you don't want to give in, but to maintain your sanity you just have to lay down a little meat to throw them off.

Cody very much enjoyed his Fat Bastard.

As you can see, the evening wore on. Don't we all look so very happy. I'll bet we could have happily
agreed to painful dental work by the time these pictures were snapped.
But we had a good time and we were all together. And really, isn't that what matters.

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