Monday, December 8, 2008

Hybrids and Football

So here is what I am driving this weekend


It resembles a Christmas ornament out there in the white snow. Today I go back to the dealer and see what is going on with my sick car, and/or to see about a new car. Hmmmmm......

Speaking or ornaments, I have the nativity scene up. Dave is also excited about that, as you can see:

Well, the Packers lost and the Seahawks lost, both after having screwed up made valiant efforts to win. Oh well. Oregon State lost its bid for a bowl game to USC, who will meet Joe Pa at the Rose Bowl. University of Washington had a perfect season-no wins. Can't top that, except if you are Detroit but that is professional. Poor Detroit. I am rooting for them all the time now, just one win to keep their spirits up.

After all, it is Christmas.

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