Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spaced Out

Well, here's the thing.
Don't you just love Monk? He always says-Here's the thing...
Although I liked Sharona better than Natalie. But I am getting to like Natalie more as time goes by-but that is not the thing.

Here's the thing.

I was in graduate school from May until the end of September. I was miserable, cranky, and always preoccupied with how I was going to get anything done. So I withdrew and am much happier.
Today I balanced my checkbook after 2 months-bad of me but who had time?
I made 3 major errors and forgot to write down a transaction costing me $100! That hasn't happed since I was 20 and didn't think balancing the check book meant squat.
I blame it on being completely mad over the stress known as graduate school.

And that is the thing.

And by the way, I finished Angie's baby hat and am now doing Ali's baby hat. Will start cutting their quilts this weekend. Pictures to follow.
I still haven't forgotten about the screaming bird pictures-that is to follow too.

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