Monday, October 13, 2008


Yesterday I started on the first block of the new BOTM at Racine Pine Needles. First of all there was some paper piecing. Well, I didn't have enough fabric for that technique. Only I discovered this AFTER I made two of the pieced squares. Oh well. I sort of pieced some scraps together and you can't tell too much.
Then I put together all the blocks. Now I don't know why I didn't notice but there's a little problem in my block....

Do you see the problem? Not only that but when I took the picture the cat walked right under the camera and that is the furry blob on the left. Here's what the ooops block looks like without the cat

Ok, so there is a minor error but it can be fixed by ripping out a row and then the little block and putting the little block back in and sewing the row and matching the seams. They really were pretty well matched there.
And how does one miss that? I had them all laid out. I just don't know. Supposedly Dave says he noticed it right away but was so interested in the colors and the theme he didn't say anything. Hmmmm.

Ok, now I am good to go. I am not sure it is matched up as well but I am sick of doing it now! It took a couple of sewing and ripping of rows before it became whole.

On to block 2 next month.
This is the Wildflower Sampler from Possibilties by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith

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