Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back again

I ran the Twin Cities 10-10 years of 10 miles. It felt wonderful. I ran and did not stop the whole way. I was well hydrated so didn't need water. It was helpful that it was cool-otherwise that would be foolish.

I took pictures of our hotel room with my projects spread out on the bed. And Dave took pictures of me finishing. So I'll post them tomorrow or so.

I never saw my friends-Kari was busy with a pub crawl (I am so jealous) and about 3 minutes after I finished it started to pour down rain. It was a cool rain so I had to get to the car and change or I'd be too cold. Oh well, I'll send her a note tomorrow and ask if she survived being a spectator in the downpour!

I love it when a race goes so well and the miles just disappear behind me.

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