Monday, October 20, 2008

My Sister's Visit

Well, last Wednesday my sister arrived for a visit. I had the camera out the whole time and did not take one single picture. But I can tell you where we went.

We started out and went to Kristen's Knits. And it was closed! I couldn't believe it. So on we went to Fleet Farm. There is a brand new one in Rochester, very pretty. Especially if you are a Fleet Farm fanatic.

After that we went to Pine Needles in Racine, then down to Cresco to the other Pine Needles. We bought a few things-I needed new blades and my sister bought fat quarters and a pattern. We were getting hungry so we went to Decorah, looking for this knitting shop. It was a very cool place. I didn't realize that downtown Decorah was so much fun.

We ate lunch here. Man was it ever cool. Who knew there was such a place in Decorah Iowa? I had the best cup of tea ever. I think I may have to place an order.

Then we drove back to Kristen's-she was still closed. Dang.

So we came home and made cookies, ate dinner and knitted for the rest of the evening while watching ER.

The next day my sister, whose name is Martha, came by my office and met my coworkers, and finally got to shop at Kristen's.

And that is my sister's visit.

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