Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life Gets Away From Us All

Or, my favorite-You make plans and God laughs.

So, last week was a bit busy. What we thought was Mother having the vapors turned out to be Mother having a stroke. And Mother having a stroke meant hospital and then nursing home. Again. Only there is a bit more finality about it this time. It’s pretty apparent that she can’t come home again. She can’t walk, or use her right hand very well. She is having a hard time getting words out, physically and mentally. So, we hope for the best and that maybe she’ll come around a little. Although today, when we went, it seemed like she was talking to the residents but then not talking much to us. Hmmmmm. I tried not to annoy her.

But life goes on. I had another race. When I got there I found I am now 60, which makes me the same age as my oldest sister AND older than Dave. Although I commend them for realizing I had a birthday and turned another year older, I can’t live with the deception (not to mention the humiliation of it all) So I straightened them out. And, although I could have beat the crap out of the 60 year olds, I couldn’t have lived with myself cheating them out of their due. BUT-the damn 50 year olds are a fast bunch. I was third in their group-we were within 3 minutes of each other.





Yep, still happy after 12.4 miles, and not a bad pace either. 8:56 min/miles. I LIKE it. The cooler weather agrees with my running. And my fast black and pink outfit.

Today I weeded out a few beds, and got mulch in bed one.


Pretty. The bed on the left is next week. I think the bushes are dead and are coming out. Then I think my flower garden will go in AND more mulch. That’s next week. Along with cleaning out the front beds. There are lots of beds around this house.

I posted it in FB, but I’ll post it again. The neighbor’s tree is blooming.


And it is green here.


I have baby flowers blooming


And the bulbs are coming along.


I can’t wait to see them in bloom.

And that’s really about it. Work goes well, Dave starts a new job tomorrow, and things just go along. Like they are supposed to I guess.

Because, no matter how hard we try, life gets away from us all.


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