Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Fools

Which is what we are. Although I don’t have any April pictures at all, just end of March Easter pictures. Ha! April Fool’s.

It was a beautiful weekend here. We couldn’t stop taking pictures.

I saw this at the beginning of the week on my way to work-


 DSC00098 DSC00101

Someone has been yarn bombing! It was fabulous.

DSC00105 DSC00106

I love a good yarn bomb-especially signifying the coming of spring. Which, in my opinion, arrived last week.

Thursday was the last of the March Irish Runs with the Tacoma City Runners. We were at Katie Downs, which is on the water and it was a great night for it-



And at the end of it all, we got to enjoy a frosty beverage with 80 of our closest friends.


If you squint (or make this bigger by clicking on it) you can see Dave bringing us our beers. I laughed when I realized he was in the picture.

Our office moved at the end of the week. And in the spirit of all things unorganized, I ended up getting a day and a half off work. Paid. Sweet and seriously fabulous. Not the moving, the days off. I needed a little break.

DSC00110 DSC00108 DSC00109

That desk would be my sad empty cubicle-Good Bye Window…..Ugh, note to self-wait until AFTER the move to start a new job.

Getting off early Friday, Dave and I decided we must take a walk at Chambers Bay. (He started work a couple of weeks ago and he gets off around 3ish)


Blurry Red Currants.


We went again on Easter, because it was such a nice day. Even nicer than Friday and Saturday, which saw a lot of working in the yard, but no pictures of said yard! There really isn’t much to show yet-red mulch on empty beds. But next weekend I am starting my shade garden. I hope. It’s also Vogue Knitting Live Seattle on Sunday. Don’t be jealous. Martha and I are headed to the market place Sunday, then a little shopping for our mother, who needs more pants. (Not sure anyone has to actually know that, but it seemed important to specify…)

Anyway, as I said, Easter was a beautiful day-



DSC00126 DSC00118

I took a million pictures, I could keep going, but I think these illustrate that it was a beautiful day. In the afternoon, we went over the the apartment and had dinner with Grampa. It was nice there too!


And that’s the weekend, and the week.

We (family) met on April 1st, what a day, with the nursing home and decided where Mother will stay, which is at the nursing home. She has to move as she is no longer Medicare appropriate. We will be decorating her room a little, and I’ll print out some pictures today for her to have. It’s very sad that she won’t be coming home, but good that she can get 24 hour care. Adjustments are being made by all of us.

So, next up pictures of the new office. We are moved. Whew, that was stressful…..

Our new office building** (cubicles are way to the left over the arched doorway with the teeny weeny windows….)

**Blah stock photo of building-will take a happier one in the near future)


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