Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Have a Really Big Shoe…Really Big…

Does anyone remember Ed Sullivan-anyone?

Because that’s what I thought of when I posed for this picture at the Tacoma St. Paddy’s Day Race this weekend-

DSC00070 - Copy

That’s me after about 6 hours of sleep and manhandling my mother. But more of that later***.

In the meantime-I ran a race Saturday AM.

And I finished.


It was a very nice course really. Except for that half mile up hill at the end. Then? Not so much.

And you know, when I am running the course, Dave is running amok taking pictures. Although this time he did ok.

DSC00078 DSC00075

I don’t really know this guy, but we are a timber town so…..


That guy has a big saw. Just sayin’

And the Big Shoe came in ahead of me-or did he-(she?)?


But this picture? I’d like to thank Dave for thinking of us girls.


Because nothing compares to a shirtless man in a kilt. Unless it’s two shirtless men in a kilt and some sort of overachiever in shorts trying to beat them. (Please remember that you can click on pictures to make them bigger-come on, you know you want to)

And there was a band there too, at Paddy Coyne’s at the finish line


Kinda fun.

So I finished this race, as I finished a race a couple of weeks ago. But, do you see any problem with the results?

Sarah Melde    54   M    M 50-54    151    5/17    84   54:55    

Um, yeah, not a MALE.

Jeesh. And this last month

         Age group: 55 - 59
1 46 Sarah Melde 59 1:22:19 8:50

I was 53 on that date. Just sayin’. But I did get first place in that age group….

I have been running races for 19 years and never have I had any of this happen, and within 2 months. Not sure, but think at this rate I could win a big one soon. In any division: male, female, whatev. Who knew?

I had my hair cut last month and I think, but not sure, that I was trying to take a picture of that because I found this on my phone-


Um, scared me a little. but see how straight my hair is? My bangs were good too before this picture and what the hell? It startled me so much I had to post it on my blog. Which seems a little counterintuitive as I usually want flattering picures. Or something.

I look happy though.

Made it through week two of new job. I love new job but it’s full of anxiety because I don’t know everything after two weeks.

All of my coworkers/supervisors are like-you are doing great. They are so supportive. I think I should know everything.

***So, Friday was a good day, being Friday and having plans for the weekend. You know how that is. Nina and I had big belated birthday plans because, as you know, we have known each other since we were 10 and our birthday is on the same day, same year.

IMG_1401 - Copy 

Blurry is our life.

But we didn’t do that. Because Mother, aka Gramma, went to the ER on Friday. We spent until about 9 PM there, and then I spent the night getting her up and down, and then Saturday  all day, with my sister Martha, dealing with her right sided weakness, inability to walk, eat,  or do much of anything for herself. It’s hard when you are listing to starboard. I spent the night last night getting her up and down and realized by this AM (Sunday, St Patrick’s Day) that things were not going to improve, and that my mother can no longer live at home. So, off to the ER again, and she’s in the hospital now. I have to say something for the spirit of both sides of my family-no matter what the problem, we never lose our appetite. As Martha said today when Mother was eating her lunch in the ER bed-“she may be sick, but that girl likes her groceries”.

So, I sort of feel like I am in some sort of weird kind of world here-I am a 59 year old male (according to race officials-I still think of myself as a 54 year old female-I hope) trying to deal with my mother moving out of her house for good. And Grampa (who, come to find out hasn’t had a decent nights sleep in about a month because of mother) dealing with that after 60+ years of marriage.

So, if you see normal life out there-tell it I want it back.


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