Sunday, December 9, 2012

I am the Pied Piper

Christmas is coming….I think. I can’t really be sure. I can see lights, trees, decorations. Nina has transformed the place-

 IMG_1291 IMG_1295IMG_1293 IMG_1294

And this guy is happy to be out of his tote for the season


But Christmas for me, at least as far as planning and organizing is, well, not so much.

This is how I decorated


Yeah, it’s called packing…again.

This week, on Thursday at 12:50 in the AM I am flying back to Minneapolis where Dave, Beta, Trixie, Jack, Chat, Elvin, and Lefty the bird will be picking me up and driving us all back to the west coast. Dave is nervous about the mountains. I am nervous about the plains. I think this says something about our individual life experience. Had about three feet of snow in the mountains this weekend. No worries.

I managed to get 20 Christmas cards done. I really did. With a Christmas letter. And bought a few presents. We’ll see how it all unfolds. Shopping today in N Seattle with my sister so maybe I can knock it out before the date actually arrives. I haven’t watched TV in a long while so I have missed all the holiday movies (sad) and not seen any commercials (happy). So maybe, once I get back in the swing and get a few Hallmarks under my belt, it will seem more like the season.

Thought I might get more organized yesterday, but had a wee bit of stress over losing my car key whilst running at Pt Defiance, getting a ride home in the back seat of a cop car, getting a ride back to Pt Defiance with Rosie and the extra key, and then having someone come up to the car and present me with the lost key. Yep. It really happened. I then had my hair cut and my gal gave me a head massage because she thought I needed it. I needed it.

Then last night I went and saw Brandi Carlile in concert here (here means the link, not that I live here) in Olympia.


I tried to take pictures of the stage because I knew in the dark I would only get a blurry picture of Brandi and the band. I pretty much ended up getting blurry pictures of the stage too-


That’s the best I could do-of course, the least blurry pic has the stage hand in it. Jeesh.

I have to say it was the most fab thing I have seen in ages. The venue was great, the talent of all the band members was nothing short of awesomeness, and I loved it. I wished Dave could have been there too. Although not sure it’s quite his gig….

And, after all that, I am going backwards in my timeline. Just shakin’ things up a little.

Week before last (am I really that late…..) I was in Wenatchee doing an audit. Before the snows came.


A little termination dust (as we used to call it in AK). Don’t ya just love some hills and mountains?

We left early, at 3, but by God we hit Friday traffic in the rain just out of Bellevue and all was lost. Sad, but so very true.


It literally took hours to get home from here. Well, two hours, but it’s like a 45-50 minute trip at best. We need to blow up some mountains to make room for more highways. No wait, then we’d be the midwest! I’ll suffer. And note to self, refuse all out of town audits on a Friday afternoon.

Last Saturday I did a mystery quilt class because I had to sew. HAD TO.

It was much fun, the pattern easy and quick, and it’s a very nice venue.

Here’s my work space


And the doors to the balcony-it was pretty sunny and I didn’t realize they had a beautiful view of Mt Rainier until it was too late to take a picture, oh well.


And an example of the block. It’s not mine, I had more muted colors but you get the picture.


Sunday I was over to see my old friend Jacquelyn. I went to nursing school with her. She moved out here shortly afterwards and is now married and has a baby. And a beautiful house, by the way. A wee bit jealous of the view-but I still love my little house…

IMG_1281 IMG_1277

Seriously cute. Jackie is as sweet as ever and I was glad to catch up with her. She lives about 5 minutes from me and I hope to see her regularly.

And lastly, if you think I have been pining away for my pets-fear not. I am like the Pied Piper of house pets. This is the picture of my room last week-


That would be every pet in the place hanging in my domicile.

What can I say? Now, off to be merry-

Stay tuned for the excitement of our trip next week! Should be fun….

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