Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy 2013!

I am sorry to be so late with the blog. Travelling really took up some time, and what a trip it was from MN to Tacoma, in the middle of December.

Let me just give a few of the highlights-

Dave picked my up at the airport after I took the red eye from Seattle--


---to Minneapolis on Thursday, Dec 13th

IMG_0213 Not a lot of people chose to fly at that time I guess. Dave was 1/2 hour late and very stressed due to a little problem with planning. The barrier he originally set up for the cats was an epic fail (cats can get through 6-8 inch spaces, just saying).

(Cat demonstrating futility of “Barrier”-she is on the wrong side of said containment area….or right side, depending on her point of view)


And the packing, well let’s just say organization and trial runs didn’t fit into the equation. The dogs were lying on top of each other AND there was no room for my one smallish carry on bag.

But we set off. As soon as we did Jack hit the front seat-

IMG_0214 He wasn’t about to miss out. Not only that, but after a few hours of me fighting with him to get in the back, he got so cranky he starting spitting and hissing and therefore got to ride in the front all of the first day. On a pillow.


And the bird, yes, the bird. Although I had requested he ride in his carrier, he instead came in a cardboard box with his toy stand covered with a blanket.

This is how he rode on day one-


It was a grand time we had. And we really had lovely weather on day one. Mostly sunny, slightly overcast at times. No snow, no rain. Only two short wrong turns.

IMG_1305 IMG_1306

And when we finally reached Wyoming, we reorganized the car, walked the dogs (who were really, really, REALLY obnoxious), fed the cats, fed ourselves, and went to bed at 7.

After 12 hours of sleep, we started again and had a much better day. Dogs had way more room, cats were kenneled for the duration, and bird rode nicely on shoulder. Weather stayed clear, sunny and



at times, cold-


It was rocky and craggy and got cloudy by the time we hit Missoula



We again got the dogs out, settled the cats in for the night, brought the bird in and this hotel stay was much more relaxed. Much more….

The last day we headed for the dreaded mountain passes. We made it over the first pass and into Idaho.

Photo: Driving straight thru this state. Just sayin'.

Then all we had left was Eastern Washington (windy, snowy and oh so boring)

And Snoqualmie Pass-

Photo: Last hurdle before home

It was a little snowy crossing over, but no chains, we had traction tires and 4 wheel drive, so all was well. We hardly even slid (we saw one very bad accident on the east side and several people in the ditch on top but we made it with no prob)

Trixie was so happy, and could hardly wait until we arrived-


She looks a little stressed out, doesn’t she? Well, yes. She likely is.

And they are still a wee bit clingy. Although I took Beta over to the Soggy Doggy Dogwash yesterday and he looks just fabulous. Better than he has in years. Or at least the past three months without me.

But that story, and a few others, is for the Christmas/New Year’s blog, which will be, of course, after New Years.

Still no furniture-we are starting to think maybe we didn’t need it to begin with. We did get a desk and dresser from storage, and a chair which Jack has taken over. Dave sleeps on the living room couch now and I have the air mattress-having admitted defeat to the sleeper after a week of not being able to turn my head either way because of the stiffness of my neck-not to mention back, legs, arms, feet, and hands. (Our queen air mattress had a cat problem so now only the twin survives and only one person fits there…) But surviving we are and so to United Van lines I say:

Ha and touché United! We CAN live without it. The good news is that Thursday, Jan 3rd is the day. AND we can take 1000 dollars off the bill as it’s 100/day for everyday after the delivery date, which was Monday, Dec 24th. Wheeee!

So, I immediately spent the money saved on window treatments for the bedroom. But that’s also another story.

In the meantime-Happy Happy New Years! And a fab 2013!

Pictures from the road----






Jack needing a stretch after a long day of pillow riding. Dave, Mr. Pillow, extremely jealous.

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