Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Last of the Address Changes

And Happy Holidays to you too!!

I am in the home stretch. I think. I had the brilliant idea to buy two couches so we’d have something to sleep on when we got to the new house on Dec 15th.

IMG_1261 IMG_1262

(Pillows included Dave-although the arm rests on the leather are very pillow like-I know because I lay down on it just to test it out).

So, being the smarty I am I took full advantage of the holiday sale, bought the couches, and then found out they can’t be delivered until the 18th. Foiled again. Oh well. I did get pretty good deal.

Speaking of Holidays, Thanksgiving happened somewhere in there….

I didn’t take one picture of my family. Seriously. I should steal some of my dad’s pics though. He was busy taking pictures of the woman folk working the kitchen.

I did get a couple of the food.

IMG_1257 IMG_1256

I have to say, you can NOT ruin a Butterball Turkey. Which makes me wonder what do they put in those things? Yikes.

I was up to Seattle to pick up my race packet on Friday. It was rainy and Seattle tried to trap me in its insidious web of streets that don’t lead to the freeway. You can see it, you will cross it, you will go under it, but you won’t get on it. I have paralleled I-5 for miles trying to crack the code of the elusive on-ramp. Friday I was able to get out safely, and not all together out of my way. Miracle. I also bought a very bright pink shirt so the drivers can see me when I run at night. I hope.

Saturday I became a true Washingtonian when I got this-

IMG_0198 That, my friends, would be a WA license plate. Now the other drivers can’t blame my driving on being from MN. I had to weigh my car to get that, by the way. It’s not easy here in WA. And, if your car doesn’t pass the emission standards, they tell you right out to sell it before you even cross the state line. Just saying.

Sunday I ran the 1/2 Marathon of the Seattle Marathon. Golly but that was challenging. I was right on the hour mark at halfway, and was hoping for 2 hours, but really, 2:04 and 30 something. As I have commented before, I sort of lost the will to live at mile 7 or so. It took some serious guzzlement of Gator Aide and a little walking to get back into the spirit of things. It’s hilly here. But I do love the course. I signed up for the Rock and Roll in June, and I think it’s the same course only backwards, which makes me a little afraid as I think it’s more up hill backwards……

But, I saw the Space Needle lit up


I am such a sucker for the space needle. What a tourist!


I parked feet away from the start, which was sweet.

Right across from the Music Experience Museum, or whatever it’s called. It’s a weird shaped thing.


I know. That’s only a piece of it.

I wish I could tell you how many racers there were. A lot. I was 1054th and 48/219 in my age division. But, how many were there in the race? Last year I think there was something like 17000 participants in all the events? Gosh. It was fun, but I am not sure I was having fun at mile 7.2. Not at all, especially after the big steep hill. But, in hindsight, sitting comfortably in my warm room, it was a great experience. Now I have to hurry up and sign up for something else before I lose my MoJo!

Seattle Marathon

Resolution Run?

Next weekend I am signed up for a mystery quilt class. Kind of nervous but I have to do it. I can’t say no to the mystery.

I’ll let ya know.


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