Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Last weekend was retreat. I loves me a good retreat.


This is the view out our windows, which were on three sides


Look at all those machines and fabrics and everything else.


Suzie was there giving me a look.

Marcia went ca-rrraazzzy with the bags.In memory of Sheryl M’s past presence. We couldn’t believe her production in the bag department. Ardie and I found it a little bit scary-



And this is only a smattering. She was using this weird texture stuff.


I thought it looked like some sort of fungi. But it was pretty neat.

I think the final total was 9 bags. Told you it was crazy.


Suzie made this cute family portrait wall hanging. I love how clear the pictures are. They were actually clearer in real life.


There were lots of cool things made.


One of two tee shirt quilts


I wondered what Margaret found so funny-

DSC01616 DSC01617

These are the Lois and Linda quilts.


The second tee shirt quilt. Hard to see, but there are pinwheels in the sashings.

DSC01620 DSC01621

Bargello-I always think bargello is so cool.


Cheryl made this little thing, I think it’s darling.


And that’s just a few examples. Everyone was so busy. I forgot to take a picture of my mystery quilt and my mystery girls who worked on the mystery. Dang.

I almost finished this quilt. I ran out of the set-in blocks on the bottom right. I found some here so all I have to do is finish.


I made 40 of these. 


And 80 of these


So I got a good start on the Cabin in the Stars. If I can ever finish this blog, I’d go sew on it.

I got out the Serger and serged some. It was stressful but I finally did it. I am all signed up for Serger School next week. It’s a good thing


Yes, that’s a little mouse sneaking up on the serged table topper.


And that’s a little bit of how retreat was in 2011. Because, where some things are concerned, what happens at retreat, have to stay at retreat. Right girls????

Sigh. I hated to leave.

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