Monday, April 11, 2011

It is what it is

Last weekend my mood was just about like this


Grey, brown, and blah.

We drove to Winona so I could get my hair cut (only OK) and look at the river, which is running high these days.


P1010292 - Copy 

Don’t sit here.


P1010296 - Copy

Potable? I do not think that word means what they think it means. At any rate, I’m not drinkin’ that water for a while.

Winona has lots of dikes which kept the waters at bay.


It was just a little damp here at Levee Park.

And damp along the wetlands.

P1010305 - Copy

Which shouldn’t be surprising because, after all, they are the wetlands. I just think a little wetter than usual.

I was at Pine Needles last week, Serging-


The usual 4 Sergers plus Marcia. We are quite the group, I must say.

And on Sunday the temp was 81 degrees, with lots of humidity. Soupy atmosphere-a little taste of summer.

I’ve got green in the front now


Up close-

P1010307 P1010306

And the heads made it through another winter


Dave planted bulbs last fall and the first few are starting to bloom



The hillbilly’s are staking out some mystery project next door. Oh God. Dave thought it was a pool. Seriously? No.


You’ll have to click to make that bigger to see the stakes are right up to the trampoline. I saw the neighbor out on his deck so I asked because I think that the unknown is just too frightening. I mean the trampoline was just too big of a shock-I can’t go through another one. Happily, they are staking out a garden AND are going to level their yard so the trampoline will be moving down the way a bit. Joy. I knew it wasn’t a pool.

Although, Dave and I had always wondered if the trampoline could be viewed from space-and guess what-


See it? Look closely-

Right in the middle of the screen-little round dot in the back yard of the second house to the right of the cross street. Click picture to make it bigger but I think if you look-you can see the trampoline from space.

I also have pictures of Twinkles and the apple-


But I think it deserves a blog of its own, which shall be next week. I just thought I’d tantalize a little with this one. Look at my cute Twinkles. She knows Laura does not have the bovine love-that’s why she wouldn’t eat the apple. Twinkles is genius about these things. But more about that next time.


Some may doubt Jack’s influence over the blog, and his recurrent role in it, but let me show you again how he loves to blog.


He LOVES it.

Trixie, on the other hand, not so much


Stay dry.

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