Monday, April 18, 2011

How fast they grow

Well, I have had a very busy weekend. But I really need to post this first.

Twinkles, my little cow, is growing up so fast.

Remember when?

PB160029 - Copy

(And by the way, best blog picture EVER).

Twinkles now weighs about 600 pounds-I’d like to see Laura try this again.

Well, I told Laura to give Twinkles an apple a month or so ago (or longer because Laura was balking) because I know my Twinkie loves an apple.

Apparently she did it wrong because Twinkles did not love the apple.


So first of all, there is grain in Twinkles stall, which is totally distracting her from the delicious apple.

Then she wanted the delicious apple but Laura was giving off her famous cows are not my best friend vibe. And Twinkles senses it. Can’t you just see it in her eyes?


Here-look here.


See? She probably thinks it’s some sort of Laura trick to get her to do something, like actually get out of the barn or something. Which she totally would not do, or if she did, would let herself right back in because this cow is GENIUS.

She can let herself in and out of her stall, and, in the summer, can let herself in and out of the good pasture. So, when Laura gave her the “poisoned” apple, well, she was wise, just like Snow White. No wait, she was wiser than Snow because Twinkles didn’t eat the apple. Just sayin’.

So, I think that if I were to offer an apple to my little cow, she would be happy to eat it. It’s all in the presentation.


Twinkles and her friend.

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