Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome February

Today is the last day of January. There is an hour more of light than the beginning of January, which I like very much.

Today is what they call a “snow event”. It looks like this

KTTC weather

That blue is lots of snow. We are, right now, is that little part that is lighter, slightly east of Rochester, but I am not going to get used to it, because it still means it’s snowing. It’s just brighter. Last month, every snow day was on a weekend, but January has been mostly weekdays, like Monday when I am off to shovel by myself.

Saturday I attempted a return of the now unwanted engagement ring and was told, by Rogers and Holland's that the diamond, which they said was worth over 3000 dollars is now worth 520. Livid does not begin to describe it. So I have to get the thing appraised and then continue on my war against the chain store jewelers. I feel especially bad because Cody originally wanted to go to a private jeweler, but I told him that R&H always provided good service and had a good selection. Little did I know they just rip you off. But I should know. My friend told me to just keep the diamond and Cody could use it for something else someday. But I don’t know. I wrote to the corporate office about this, and they are likely laughing about it over the water cooler. I am posting everyday on Facebook and Twitter about it too.

I guess what makes me sad is that it seems to me more and more that everyone is so concerned about making a buck, they lie and cheat to make a profit. I don’t see it. Oh, I understand mark up and retail vs wholesale, and everyone has to make a living, but a $3000 mark up? Really? And if they bought that diamond back for $520 dollars, they would have sold it to the next person for another $3500. Total profit of, what, 6000 dollars? How much do people need? And why can’t they just honestly take it back? Oh well. Enough of that.

I attended a birthday party for Chase. He is now two.

First of all, here’s the cake. Which was delicious, by the way.


Here’s Ali and Chase


They had the party at an indoor playground which was fantastic. The best part was Laura playing and riding on all the toys. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of that, for which I am still kicking myself.

Chase had a good time, and when all the presents were said and done, played with the Styrofoam popcorn.

DSC00460 DSC00461

Diva was there too-


She’s my girl with the cake. She had her two year pictures taken-she loves the camera. Gosh.

Here she is at 6 months-back in the day


Chase 20

And here’s Chase, back in the day. Wow. Time is flying by.

I finished the Schlep bag, after doing everything wrong I possibly could. And it’s a super easy pattern.



I didn’t like working with the oilcloth all that much. This is the inside lining-the farm theme.



The upside down cows are the pocket.

Next weekend is knitting and Superbowl Sunday mystery, which I have to get going on because there is homework.

February-here we come!

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