Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year.

Today I am off to the cities to take Cody back to the airport. We are planning on having lunch here-

Photo In Uptown.

Then, after I drop Cody off, I plan on going here

Which would be Borealis Yarns. I am trying a KAL with Skacel yarns by Knit Purl Hunter and maybe win a prize. But probably won’t win. Sigh. I said I wouldn’t buy anymore yarn for the new year, but New Years is over and now we are into the next day and all bets are off.

I guess I didn’t mention that we decorated the office before Christmas. We felt a little obligated since we were one of the only bays not decorated and there was some sort of contest going on. We thought that the amount of decoration done was inversely proportional to the case load of the workers.

DSC00314 DSC00313              It wasn’t much, but it was something. You can’t really tell by the pictures.

Christmas was quiet here, and pretty subdued. We were a little sad, what with Cody’s situation and all. But we had a nice breakfast, and I got some nice presents.


The boys got good presents too-but were shy about the picture thing

DSC00334 DSC00331

Cody gave me this card


We thought it was a little like Thanksgiving…I got a good chuckle out of it.   

Dinner was delicious. I tried to get a good Christmas picture but not so much.


It’s the best we could do. We played a couple of games of Trivial pursuit-Dave won both times. Seriously, he got the question “What number did Brett Favre wear when he played for the Green Bay Packers?”. Yes. That was one of his winning questions. Completely not fair, and demonstrates perfectly how he was able to win.

We enjoyed some couch time and some Green Bay victory on Sunday.


Our new TV came on Friday. I called it Dave’s birthday present since his birthday is this Tuesday. Then I remembered that  he got his last TV on his birthday. He gets good presents. It sure is a good TV though. Can’t wait to see Seattle lose play on it tonight. I’ll likely miss the Green Bay game as I’ll be in the cities working on breaking my New Year’s Yarn resolutions at the yarn store.

It’s been cold at work, this week between Christmas and New Years. 

DSC00367       At least it was cold at first. By the end of the week it was rainy, but now it is back to being very cold. The thermometer outside broke, it’s stuck at 27. Which is a nice winter temp. But it isn’t 27. It’s 1. 

So, the TV broke, the upstairs cable box broke, the pilot light went out in the furnace (we fixed that instantly!), the thermometer broke, and the cat broke the torch lamp last night. We are riding a serious wave of breaking and break ups.

Laura was out at the farm and tried to give Twinkles an apple. Of course, there was some grain in her pen so she was interested in the grain, which I think negates the whole apple experiment. I am waiting for the pictures because I know everyone is simply dying to see them. Twinkles is as cute as ever. And so smart-she is now letting herself out of her pen into what she thinks are better places to be in the barn. Both Dave and Laura share the same “Cows do not excite me” attitude, which I do not understand at all.

Anyway, I wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year-

Welcome to 2011.

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