Monday, September 13, 2010

I almost forgot

I almost forgot to blog today. Maybe because there hasn’t been much new this week. The world seems to have slowed down a little.

Blane was the focus of most of the week. He is the next generation of melanoma in the family, and therefore was involved in that crazy, upside fun known as Mayo.

So he got the mole off, then had to go back to see the dermatologist and get his appointments, then back to see the surgeon, then set up the completion of the removal (the borders) and the node biopsy. All in all, I have been driving between Rochester and Winona an inordinate amount of time this week.


Here he is, all done and ready to go. All in all, it went pretty smoothly.

I am working on the checkerboard border for the Thimbleberries wall hanging.


I just stuck the top and bottom on the square-it won’t really be in the middle of the points like that. Just so you know.


I cut the sides off the other Thimbleberries and am ready for binding.

So is the cat


Even though she is trying hard to pretend she isn’t.

And that’s the week. Really. I started a surprise for a new baby coming-can say no more, and some mitts for a swap, ran 10 miles today and had an achy leg, picked up three shop quilts to do…um….that’s about it. Jack, the new guy, is settling in well, and is getting braver about being in the house, even though the other cats aren’t all that friendly yet. This one (pictured above) thinks she’s the queen and goes around putting everyone else in their place.

There are some plans for the weekend, a Pine Needles event, some knitting stuff. Should be good-and make for a more interesting blog post.


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