Monday, September 20, 2010

I think there are groups for people like me.

So, last week was rather eventful. Even for me.

Morgan was by during the week. She is getting quite grown up and walking.

DSC01942 DSC01941

And it wouldn’t be a blog featuring a baby without this


I was going to say Laura can sniff ‘em out for miles-but somehow that didn’t sound quite right.

But she can.

On Saturday, we had a nice sunrise-


I enjoyed it, and so did Le Chat


I was invited to an event on Saturday, which might be why I was up early. It was a Pine Needles Bernina 8 event-Cre-8-tive. On Friday, when I was telling Dave, he asked me “You’re not going to come home with another machine are you?”  Of course I wouldn’t buy another machine. I already have the 730, for crying out loud.

Do you see where this is going?

So, I went to my event and Marcia taught us how to make a pillow on the Bernina 830.


There were lots of them there.


And then, well, then she made me the offer I just couldn’t refuse.

Dang her! She knew that I didn’t buy a machine last year, and I have been buying one every year for the two years before that. It has just become tradition I buy a machine every fall. Usually  she wears me down at retreat where she can start on Friday and have the sale secured by Sunday noon-but since she only had a few hours on Saturday, she upped the ante-throwing in a Serger to boot-what could I do? What choice did I have? I was powerless-she’s like my kryptonite. And don’t even start about Suzie-all innocent in the background working up my financing-totally in on the whole evil plan.

So, I ended up with a new machine. And a new Serger Like I say, there have got to be groups for people like me. (I am not even going to start on the 2nd 40 dollar skein of Wollmeise that arrived in the mail today….)

I am in that place where I can’t believe I did that, and I can’t WAIT to freaking sew something!!!! The 830 is to die for. It’s the difference between driving my Corolla and driving grampa’s BMW-that’s what I’m talking about.



So, I technically own 4 Bernina’s right now, but I have to trade in the 730, so I’ll own three. I’ll line them up and take a group portrait when they all get settled in.

After I recovered, I spent the rest of the weekend spending time with my friend Barb, doing a little knit and gossip session, ran 8 miles, made a quiche, talked to an old friend from Alaska, and returned to work today.

Laura made a turtle quilt for Mary’s impending grandson #2

DSC01953 DSC01952

Is that not the cutest? I love it.

I got 3 quilts to do for the shop, and I have completed the heat and bond and cutting phase for #1.


It won’t be long to piece it, but the applique sewing will be a time suck. Blech. But it would be sweet if I had my new machine by then-oh baby. However,  I don’t think I’ll have it by the weekend. And I think this will be ready to sew by then.

This weekend is the Women Run the Cities, which should be a blast. Mary and I will be running for year #2!

So, there you go. My week. I still can’t believe I bought that machine. I tried to refuse-but look at these girls-


Resistance is futile (and don’t let those sweet innocent faces fool you)

I can’t wait for the Serger play day, 830 Mastery and some embroidery (I will finally finish the Blocks!) . Love you girls!

Oh, and Dave, um, I am coming home with a new machine…..


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