Monday, April 19, 2010

The Knitterati

Last weekend was Yarnover, sponsored by the Minnesota Knitters Guild. Oh, it was exciting all right.

But first, I left work on Friday to go spend the night with my friend Kari, who I did not take a picture of nor did I take a picture of her cute house. I did get all screwed up on I 94 for about 45 minutes. But I eventually got there and I had such a nice time visiting with one of my best pals in the whole world. I also can’t find a picture of her anywhere in my files-what the heck? Well, next trip I promise a few pics.

The next day I got up early early and made my way to Hopkins for Yarnover. The keynote speaker was Cat Bordhi-she of the circular sock knitters.


And in the crowd were a few other famous designers such as Cookie A and Jared Flood (aka Brooklyn Tweed), ), among others. (That’s them standing up in front of the stage)


Most of the people who were in the audience were knitting something-


I wish all those knitting hands showed up better.

Wow. Then there was the market place. To die for. I tried to keep to my stash diet but the last two weeks have been hard. Last week I bought yarn for a scarf called Herbivore, designed by Stephen West, who I also talked to at the event!

So that was exciting. Then I was off to the Textile Center for the Garage Sale. Holy Cow. There were a LOT of people there, and a ton of stuff.


These are the people looking through all the yarn and fabric piled up on tables. It was wild. But now that I get what it’s about, next year I am taking Laura, who I thought of immediately upon entering this room, and we are getting there first thing. Since I had just bought some yarn at Yarnover I might have been more inclined to dig through the stuff here.

There were also some spinners and weavers


I can’t wait to learn.

I got home on Saturday afternoon. Sunday I started working on this quilt that my friend Lynn, from Winona Co PH, gave to me. Her mom, who passed away a couple of years ago, started it and almost finished it. Lynn was hoping maybe I could finish it up, so I am working on the borders.


Here it is with the borders laid out in strips on top and bottom.


It’s really a nice quilt and I’ll be happy to finish it. I got all the star borders done. The rest is easy. I think there might be enough of the fabric to piece a back together. Then off to Pine Needles to be quilted (I won’t go anywhere else!)

I thought I’d take a picture of my yarn purchases. However, the green did not photograph well at all.


That green is much brighter and greener.



This is called Three Irish Girls. Really Fun Yarn!!

And I couldn’t help but photograph this-who was in my face the whole time-




This is shortly after she threw up all over my side of the couch, so she’s feeling pretty good.

Now-off to knit something with that new yarn.

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caillie said...

Of course she feels better AFTER she horks up! Isn't that something? I love your photos they are really nice, I am glad you had a good time!