Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Babies, Among Other Things

Last weekend I went on a knitting spree. I finished two blocks.

This one I was close to done


And this one I finished in a day (it was easy)


Now I am starting the one for November, which I have ripped out three times. Finally, in a flash of insight, I figured out the mistake and will be casting on and getting lots more done today.

On Wednesday, my work went on a retreat. We went to Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch, which was a very nice place.


This was the building we were in. There were a few dead things on the walls…..



I don’t think this is local fauna.

We looked out on this


There were also extra large items scattered about


This is a big chair-look, we all fit in it


There was also this big tire coming out of the ground


Unsure of the purpose of this.

We shot wrist rockets at this target


We went on a wagon ride, the views were pretty.


Friday was Halloween. I saw some scary babies


And this one



Chase loves to touch Cora. I don’t think he believes his eyes or something. Cora thinks-bah, boys….


But I think maybe Laura and I were even scarier



I actually got Laura to smile. I think I win the scariest costume and make up contest.

I finally got to see Kristen’s cute little Peyton. Or as she is also known, Tater Pie.


In real life she looks just like a little china doll. And the hair! She was born with all that hair-she is only 5 months old!


Note difference between Cody and Peyton’s hair, or lack of it. Hmmmm. I think Cody was even older than 5 months here. I tell ya, I can’t wrap my head around it. So to speak.

DSC00801 - Copy

Kristen and Peyton-two cute girls!

Saturday was the H1N1 clinic hosted by Olmsted County Public Health.

Although they planned for a thousand, I think we got about 400. My guess is not enough publicity, and not specific to the target audience, which was under 18, under-and uninsured, and caregivers, pregnant women. We did have a few children. Would love to have taken pictures of some of those kids. Man but they were cute. However, the law prevents me from plastering their pictures all over my blog, so here’s the empty rooms.


This is where they filled out forms and got vaccines. That little group of orange vesters in front are the interpreters.


This is where I worked. Screening. Hey, it was fun for a while. And I get next Friday off in return. Unless there is another surprise clinic.


I got this from my Starbucks swap partner, Lisa. When people knit up such great items I feel so guilty. I can only knit little things. But I do think I put together a nice package to send to my swap partner Nancy. And I bought a pumpkin spice latte with the gift card to get through yesterday.

Last, but not least, I went in the kitchen the other day and had that eerie feeling someone was watching me. I just couldn’t shake it. And then I saw this


Creeepy. She probably still blames me for the time she woke up and was missing a couple of canine teeth.

Here’s the big picture


That was last week. I also did some homework and went to the gym and watched some TV and played Bejeweled compulsively. The birds went to the vet and one has a cold and has to have medicine. The dog threw up once. Dave told many stupid jokes, most of which made me laugh.

All in all, just enough excitement to make things interesting.

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caillie said...

Cute babies! Love the cat photos. The chair and tire were pretty cool too. I love that you got 2 squares done and will be starting ahead on the next one-WAY TO GO!!!