Friday, November 20, 2009

By the light of the day

Laura said that the dark pictures did not do justice to the car damage, done by the deer who decided to end his life by leaping in front of my vehicle while said vehicle was travelling at 61 mph. I have decided I was just past Chester Woods, but exact coordinates are still to be determined.

So after a little jaunt to the cities with social worker Katrina in the Olmsted County Van (big enough to fend for itself in case of unfortunate deer encounters) we stopped by to get essential supplies from my car-such as sun glasses and cell phone charger.

This is the view in broad daylight


Or maybe this gives you a better idea


I still don’t think a picture can quite do it justice. I should have taken a picture under the hood. Or where the hood used to be. Squished. Katrina was very impressed.

So this is my new ride, for now


HHR. Very gangsta. Angie about busted a gut laughing at it. Better pictures soon to follow.

Estimate for repairs at $8800.00. So far. Although they have dismantled the whole front end and think they have found all the damage.

I keep asking the guy if the car will ever be the same and he assures me the work is guaranteed for the life of the car. Guaranteed!

So I have made it out of this week alive with only minor mental damage.

And I still haven’t even mentioned that Blane’s birthday was Tuesday and we had a little soiree for him last Saturday. I was getting around to that but, well, you know.

Next blog-Blane’s Birthday.


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caillie said...

Oh Honey it does look much worse in the new photos!!! :-(
I really hope the work is guaranteed for the life of the car. Get it in writing. The new model is pretty cool-bigger.