Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blane’s birthday

Last week, before all hell broke loose, was Blane’s 25th birthday.

It looked like this


Wait, that’s the Packer game.

Blane looked like this

DSC00820 - Copy



There he is, and that’s his football cake. He also had some presents


I made him a hat


I made it with Seattle Mariner’s Base Ball yarn double stranded with green Cascade 220 wool.


I got him a Geddes football hoody sweatshirt. I also got him a Geddes Country club shirt.

Beta came too. (Beta had a haircut today and doesn’t look quite like this anymore)


And Cody joined the festivities


We had Banquet chicken, corn and mashed potatoes, Blane’s request. He remembers having “chicken you can eat the crust off” as a little kid. Comfort food I suppose and oh, so artery clogging. But birthdays are meant for having your every wish come true.

Happy Birthday Blane.


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caillie said...

The hat is adorable! He really looks good in it. I hope he liked all his prezzies!