Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deer 1, Sarah 0

Well, you know it all starts out so simply.

Get up, get dressed, get lunch, give dogs treats, leave at 6, get to work at 6:30.

Well, usually it happens this way.

Except for today.

Today, this happened.

Remember my new car?

Used to look like this?


Well, after an unfortunate encounter with a deer this AM, around 6:20 in an unknown location on Hiway 14, it now looks like this


Note the fatal hemorrhaging underneath.


The little Toyota decal that used to be on the front is gone. I wonder if it is stuck on the side of the deer, which was a buck, by the way and survived the dead on hit, the flight across two lanes of traffic, and the skid into the ditch. Only to be dispatched later by either the fireman who stopped to check on things or the state trooper. I didn’t stick around for that.


After the initial blow, I sat in the steaming wreck and wondered who to call.

Who else? Laura. Seriously, clerical support is exceptional at Olmsted County. Although when she got hired I am not at all sure picking up a crazed public health nurse on the side of the road was in the job description.

And she was so darn pleasant about being awoken at oh dark thirty to come to my rescue. Although she says it’s better than the “Cattle are out” phone calls from the farm. Probably not by much.

And, she gave me a ride home too. On another day I would have had her stay for dinner and some pleasant ear piercing squawks from Pete. But today I didn’t think of that. So I owe her a dinner and some pleasant squawks from Pete.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Chris, the only person who stopped. (I think he just wanted to bag a deer), and to my glorious co worker Mary K, who offered to take me anywhere I wanted (I would have called her but I already called her early yesterday when I discovered I forgot my glasses and had to drive back home to pick them up). And for listening to me deal with the aftermath,  Cathy and Cheryl, who, by some weird accounting have 6 hits between them, some involving crazy situations like the deer hitting them.

I just can’t imagine what will possibly happen next……


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caillie said...

I am so glad you are ok! The car is whatever but you are not replaceable.