Saturday, December 5, 2015

It’s not about me, but mostly it is

I sort of forgot to add an event that happened before I went to OK. Between Seattle and Cali and Oklahoma was Blane’s 31st birthday.

Jeepers. I did remember at the time. I didn’t have the pictures uploaded though and that’s my memory jogger. Does that work as an excuse? Who cares? Works for me.

Blane and Melanie and the gang (well, not Kitten but Roki, Cody, and Lil Ava Puss) all came down for celebration.

Blane and Melanie

The other Lil Puss--


IMG_3455  t

That is one cute lil Puss. And sweet. Not like some--


We got a cake from Daubes that weighed about 5 pounds.


Sooo delish.

It was a beautiful day and I captured sunsets and sunrises--

IMG_3448 Sunrise


I ordered my Christmas cards today, almost have all my presents done….almost…and just have to send and ship. Christmas tree comes today which should be a whole new fun toy for Biscuit.

The whole gang will be present-Blane, Melanie, Cody, and us. (We are missing Marel but she’s bypassing us for the east coast!)

This weekend is the Vikings and Seattle. We will be in attendance. It’s turned into an important game for each team so it should be good. Maybe we can get protection from other Seattle fans…or not.

Stay tuned.

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