Saturday, November 28, 2015

Girl Power

Last weekend I drove to Oklahoma. Yes I did!


I went to visit Machelle, who I met wayyyy back in the day in Dutch Harbor.

That’s our little group back in the day, Machelle is second from the right. My hair? Really?

Blane was in Machelle’s wedding way back when and somewhere I have a picture  but it’s lost in picture void somewhere. Anyway, that was back then, this is now and I’m happy to say my hair looks much better. Machelle looks just as young.

Anyway, I drove down last Friday, Nov 20th. It’s a 10 hour drive but super easy and I had a book on CD which made the trip rather enjoyable.

I drove through Iowa and Missouri. Iowa has the best rest stops ever….


I thought South Dakota had the super rest stop thing down, but Iowa stepped up and now, well, here it is. South Dakota better start bringing their A game to the rest stop competition. Although they might not be aware there is a competition. Well South Dakota? You’ve been schooled. 

IMG_0935 See what I mean? Nice, even has a concrete teepee skeleton

IMG_0936 But it’s not up to the Iowa rest stop standards. My cross country driving has reached a whole new level.

Either way, I drove down there to see Machelle after 20 some years, and to run this race with her, and with about 14,998 of our closest friends.

I was outrunning a winter storm--


And the weather just got better and better until I got to Machelle’s—it was 65 there in NE Oklahoma.

Machelle has  a cute little house in the country---And we had girlz weekend ahead.



Those dots are lotsa cows out there. And you know how I love some cows.

We had a delicious dinner together--


See? Better hair…

And we had a delicious breakfast the next day with Machelle’s oldest daughter Jesse


Then we went into Tulsa to get our packets for the race!


We are ready to run—dang it. Oh, did I mention that the temperature took a big dive and it was actually in the 30’s now? With some blowing cold wind? Yeah, that happened.  After the packet pick up we went to the hugest Christmas shopping experience EVER. 500 vendors with booths and this guy standing out front of the venue!

IMG_1610 See how tall he is?


He’s some sort of driller or oil worker or something. I was very impressed.

AND I was impressed with the huge vastness of the shopping area. It was awesome. I didn’t buy much but there was lots to choose from.

We wandered back home and did a little carbo loading and prepared to get up early for the race the next day.

Yep, we got up at 5ish and ate and took off. It was a hard frost and in the upper 20’s when we left. I had to borrow and extra shirt from Machelle.

Route 66 1

We were looking sharp though. My sparkle skirt bedazzled the crowd. At least in my mind it did.

The race was packed and I spent much time trying to clear a path, but I still managed a 2:06 finish, which was a miracle and a testament to my determination to run faster and faster once I got in the clear. The sun was shining and after the first couple of miles I warmed up and the race was pretty pleasant.


We are winners!!

We met up with Machelle’s husband James, who came home from his work (he works about 4 hours away) and we had another delicious dinner. We spent a relaxing evening chatting and having a little wine. Cause that’s how we roll!

I left on Monday. It was the nicest weekend and it was just like old times between good friends.

Planning a repeat for next year. Machelle teaches first grade—I saw her classroom, sooo cute—and she gets the week of Thanksgiving off. So next year I’m planning a longer stay. Oh, and I’ll bring more clothes…..

Thank you so much Machelle for being a hostess with the mostess.

When I got home on Monday, I found nothing had changed…..

puss Laura….

IMG_1616 Monday Night Football interrupted

Now it’s the weekend after Thanksgiving and I got no pictures taken. And next week is the Seahawk Viking game. I got some new swag.


Hoping the Viking fans don’t kill us.



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