Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Things That Happen

We had a lot of busy things go on before and during Christmas

Blane and Melanie and Dave and I all got on a bus, went to Minneapolis, and watched the Seahawks beat the Vikings. It was so fun that I can’t even describe it. The Mayo bus thing is the way to go. Of course, we were at TCF Banks Stadium, which is the U of M stadium while the new Vikings stadium is being built. It’s small so the seats weren’t bad. Even though we were in the second to last row corner end zone. Still….



Straight up Seahawk Fans!


Photo bombing on the bus


TCF Banks


Although we thought we might be killed, we only had one heckler. Mainly because there was a LOT of Seahawk fans in attendance


The day was somewhat chilly but no wind. My feet were freezing but otherwise I was ok. The beer helped too…..

Go Hawks--


Like I said, it was the best day. We got home and had some pizza and just enjoyed the whole experience.

Dave and I saw Lorie Line on December 23rd. We saw her last year. She was good as always--


I think her Christmas CD this year is one of her best.

We got a tree-and put a decoration on it. Oddly, I don’t think I have a picture of the tree decorated……As we were taking it down yesterday I commented on that. Oh well. Believe me when I say it was pretty. And messy.

DSC01279_thumb DSC01280_thumb

Everyone showed up for Christmas--


That’s the awkward Christmas picture---


Dave got some sweet Packer Gear-


And as usual we drank beer and played a game. Blane and Cody had a Cribbage war going on…


We had a nice time. Blane left early Sunday so he could watch the Seahawks lose.

We stayed home and watched both the Seahawks and Packers lose.

Cody went to the cities and stayed with Ilan overnight so he could get to the airport at oh dark thirty. I hurried home cause we got about a foot of snow in the driveway overnight. Which we shoveled this AM starting at around 5ish. All these people crying cause there’s no snow. Gawd. Well, there’s some snow now.

The other part of December isn’t so happy really-

My father passed away rather suddenly the week before Christmas. He was out at some parties and was coming home, struggled a little, then lost consciousness and couldn’t be revived. He didn’t suffer, and he was 92 years old. He hadn’t been in the best health but we didn’t expect it quite so quickly.

So if my Christmas blog doesn’t seem as cheery as it should, it’s because it’s tempered with that weird feeling that something happened, and everything has changed.

Funeral is January 23rd and we will all fly out then. There’s not much more to say at this point.

See you both on the flip side….


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