Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trixie Noodle

Our little dog, Trixie, came to us 9, or was it 10, years ago. She was a rescue dog from the rescue beagle group. I got a little beagly dog because Dave had a beagle when he was growing up. However, Dave doesn’t have such sentimental feelings about his childhood dogs. Not sure he cared that we had a new beagle. Beagle mix, really. But he was certainly aware we had a new dog around.


Trixie was found as a malnourished stray and taken to a kill shelter. One of the beagle volunteers rescued her, she was fostered, and found us. I picked her up in Madison Wisconsin. The rest is history.


She was a wild thing when we first got her. She’d take off like a shot, but always found her way home. Fortunately, we lived in the country so she wasn’t in much danger. Drove me nuts though. She was pretty defensive at times, and had a little baggage that we could only guess at. But she was a sweet and funny little dog, and eventually, she decided it was ok to stay home..most of the time.


Her favorite thing was to be under something. Under the covers, under a blanket, under a cushion. We frequently found our couch pillows all rearranged so Trixie could get under them. I’d go to bed and here would come Trixie for what came to be known as “an under”. She slept down at my feet under the covers until she got too hot. then she’d sleep on her dog bed. Or on Beta’s dog bed, with Beta. Depending on her mood.


Trixie started getting sick before we even left St. Charles. It was little things, her appetite was off, she didn’t want to eat. She got picky. (I’d say, this is a dog who eats her own poop, she’s now picky about her food?) (Oh and yes,the poop eating thing. She’s a little famous for that too…..). We came out here to Tacoma and although she had a lot of energy for her walks, she got pickier and more anorexic, and thinner and thinner.

DSC00018 - Copy

Dave took her back to MN this March and she went downhill fast. By last week, the hard decision to put her out of her misery had to be made, and on Monday, May 5th, Trixie, losing the battle, was gently put down.

Trixie 2

We are very sad, and Beta has been up in the night poking around, we think maybe looking for her. (Not being the brightest bulb, not sure what Beta is thinking. But, being human, we put some emotion in his head and believe he misses her too).

DSC01907 P1010275

Good luck on your journey Trixie. Say hi to Elvin and the gang. Look up Mother while you’re there. You were a good and entertaining little dog, and we loved you very much.

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Dave said...

Very nice tribute. Thanks.

Julie said...

So sorry to hear about Trixie. Those little furry creatures really sneak into our hearts, don't they?

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to your pet. Trixie - say hey to this goofy yellow lab from Southern California named Deacon. He like to cuddle up to fluffy blankets. We still miss him like crazy after a year and a half.

Lori (AKA Tybearwat on Rav)