Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I went to Seattle and watched a Ferry and bought a little Helmet and Mowed the Lawn-but not all in the same day.

Well, in blog time it’s only a day, but in real Sarah time it was a few weeks. Or maybe a week. Or something. I don’t really remember anymore. Because…

Time is nebulous. Ebbing, flowing, spinning away from us like a fast flowing mountain stream….

Really-ya buy that? Actually it’s just making some far fetched excuse for the fact I can barely remember what I had for dinner. I mean, really. Keeping track of time? Come ON.

I went to Seattle to a house warming to which I was invited at the last minute. Like the day before. The invite was a text. I had to ask for the address. So I didn’t bring a gift. Cause I’m a little bit of a bad last minute house warming invite guest. Sorry.

House was one of those small ones they complain about in Seattle. Narrow and tall, with a great view. Which means the neighbors don’t have a great view…anymore.

The front of the condos, facing Wallingford Ave N

Jeff's Condo

And the view. Which is why one pays top dollar for a 1700 sq foot, 3 level, two bed, two bath home.



And the happy groom and home owner-I probably didn’t mention he eloped with his girlfriend on April 1st. Congratulations Jeff!


Then I drove home is a crap ton of traffic. Why was there a crapton of traffic? Because Seattle. That’s why.


It was Easter the next day, a little sunnier and another trip to Seattle-to Edmonds this time-to have dinner with Grampa, Martha, and Tom at Anthony’s.

We watched a ferry go by.  With a flying fish. Amazing, huh?



It was a nicer day Sunday than Saturday. Weather-wise I mean. Both days were equally fun in different ways.

I took a lovely stroll around Chambers Bay at oh six hundred Friday. It was lovely.

 IMG_0513 IMG_0514 IMG_0515


Sorry about the repeat Facebook pictures. Dang it. But I needed a little blog filler and I do like these shots.

When I got to work these fine fellows were outside the back door. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of the homeless guy who was sleeping against said back door which made me have to detour to the front door. I don’t usually go in the front door, but I hate to disturb the boys sleeping in front of the back door.  That’s what these guys are paid to do.

Why was there a guy sleeping on the uncovered cement landing outside our door? Because Tacoma, that’s why.


Thanks officers.

This Saturday I went to a charity auction. It was thrilling.

Here’s a bunch of really old people auction goers lining up to get in.


I bought a little helmet signed by Richard Sherman for Blaney. He likes that sort of thing. I was happy to win it considering a rich guy was bidding against me. I let him have the Edgar Martinez signed Baseball and Yankees/Mariners tickets in exchange for me winning the helmet. I couldn’t afford both. And he could. Seriously could.


Today I mowed the lawn. Got gas. Got oil. Got mowed.


Paritally mowed-check out that lawn growth-impressive eh??

And done.


Dave tried to buy a house today. We’ll see how that goes. Not holding my breath but it would be nice. House buying-meh.

It’s about as fun as this--


And in reality, just like this…..


Wish us luck.

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