Friday, May 16, 2014

Running a Half Marathon while Yarn Crawling on Sissy’s Birthday with Ira Glass

(Disclaimer before we even start-it’s late, I’m a little tired and I might not be making sense-or making less sense than usual-now, let’s begin, shall we?)

Ok, Not really-but I did see Ira Glass and I got my picture taken with him-

See? Here he is with the unorganized crowd


and here he is with me and my bad hair.


It’s a little blurry because I was in a hurry and it was insane. But here we are. And if you can ever see Ira Glass in person speak about This American Life and radio-go. It was brilliant.

I took a selfie in the Pantages-just cause.


Ugh. I only post it so you can see how I was one of the first in the place. And I had a great seat.


Before that, I mean like a few hours before that, I ran a half marathon from the Gig Harbor Airport to downtown Tacoma. The Tacoma City Marathon. But a half marathon. Seriously people.

It poured the days previous. I think there was a record rainfall during the week. I was a little nervous about running in the pouring rain. (I had an epic compression short fail while running in a rain storm in Green Bay. The one where the detergent must not have washed out of my shorts and the wet and friction of my over developed thighs caused suds to form-a sort of foaming at the crotch if you will-something I don’t want to repeat in front of 1300 of my closest friends here in Tacoma…)

Anyway, it did rain before the race-hard.


But then it sort of eased up. I ran into my friend Shoe


I look a little crappy. Not really liking my portraits lately.

The Marathon started an hour before.


Keep going-only 26.199999 miles to go. You can do it!

That’s all I got for that event because my picture taker and biggest athletic supporter is 1600 miles away in Rochester MN.

But even before this-two days before actually, on May 2nd, it was my sister’s birthday-Martha. Although I often refer to her as my sissy. I have no idea why. It’s a recent development.

ANYway..we went on the South Sound Yarn Crawl.

I went up Thursday PM, and early Friday we were off-

We took the ferry to Bremerton and started our crawl-


Martha posed with a new friend.


He preferred his own portrait.


It was a pretty nice day really.

We had our pictures taken in Shelton-check out the little socks on the wall. This is one of our favorite stores. She dyes all her own yarns and they are fab-u-lous.


Our last stop was Firwood Farms, the Alpaca place.

There are a few Alpacas hanging around.


This one was coming up out of the ground. Easy Nessie.

These two send their regards to Laura. She loves a few free range chickens. I think. Maybe not.

DSC00673 DSC00671

I posed in the Alpaca thingy-


Gawd. Sadly, I think I have the same picture from the crawl last year with Dave.  Lord have mercy.

And that’s what I did last week or so ago. Backwards again. But if that bothers you, read from the bottom up, sort of.

I leave tomorrow for Vegas to see Cody graduate from medical school at Touro U in Henderson.

Here’s a little review

Cody in his gun totin’ Alaska days


And then graduating from High School

graduation 009 (2)

Then from College, University of New England.


And next? My son, the Doctor.


Henderson Nevada, here I come.

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