Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Seahawks Win! Seattle Goes Crazy(er)!


It’s true. They won, Seattle went crazy, along with Tacoma, Longview, Bellingham, Spokane, many Oregon cities and North Dakota (Blane) and Nevada (Cody). North Dakota and Nevada are hostile markets for sure. I guess Cody partied with quite a few disgruntled 49er fans. Tough crowd. North Dakota? Can you say Vikings? Ugh. Me either. Blane says he’s finally a champion. In North Dakota.

And of course we were happy. Never saw a game like that coming.

I tried to get a good picture of the end of the game. But a little blurry.


But really, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Sorry Payton Manning and the Broncos. I really thought you might  win. Or at least score more than once.

IMG_2020 - Copy

We celebrated with the Superbowl Champers-


And we took a couple of Superbowl Selfies which I can NOT bring myself to post. Trust me. And maybe thank me too.

On Monday, the week before, was Grampa’s birthday, BTW, overshadowed by our excitement over the big Superbowl win. (Dave said “I guess it was wrong to think that after the game the Seahawks wouldn’t be every news story on every channel almost every minute”. Yes, Dave, that would be very wrong)

We were up at Stanley and Seaforts for Grampa’s birthday-the night time view of Tacoma was pretty nice.


Tacoma Dome. Justin Bieber was here last year. So was Taylor Swift. Famous right?


And cake.


Blurry cake. Dave took the picture. 1 candle for 91 years old.

And I’m not sure I’ve posted this before but here’s what happened.

Dave and I were walking the dogs one day-it was during our days off around the holidays. Those were the good days.

Anyway, were were walking along and I looked up in the yard of the house we were passing and, I kid you not, a full sized pig. Standing there. Staring at me. Or Dave. Possibly the dogs who were oblivious to the fact that there’s a PIG standing there. At first I thought-that’s a statue. Then I thought-that’s a real pig. And THEN I thought-DAMN-this is so blogworthy and I don’t have my little camera, my phone, Dave’s phone, nothing. Really? It flies in the face of the cardinal rule of the blog-always carry a camera. I am somewhat ashamed.

So I have gone back a couple of times but said pig has not been present. It was like some sort of a porcine dream.

But here’s the yard….


It was right there. Standing on that little rise. And it is my mission, in life, to get a picture of that up on the blog.

Get ready-I’m coming for you pig.

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