Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Because we watch House Hunters.

We have started the decluttering of the house. Dave is leaving a week from tomorrow to commence our return to MN. This means we have to work fast. It seems like just yesterday we heard that Dave is back at Mayo and we are off again. Oh wait, it was just yesterday…..(When we moved out, I planned it down to the last detail about how it was going to go down. Now Dave’s in charge and here we go)

Please let this be our last move..Please..

Jack is on to us for sure.

He knows what boxes mean. It’s not been that long.


That doesn’t look too decluttered, but it actually is. See the bare dusted surface on the book shelf? Just above the large bag of my new clothes from Nordstrom? Wait, don’t look at that.


I got some free money from Nordstrom for sending a comment about personal shopping and had a couple notes. So, another personal shopping evening later and, well, a large bag of new stuff appears.

Well played Nordstrom, well played.

And it’s possible the good thing about moving back to Rochester? I have an hour drive to the nearest Nord.

But, back to Jack and the declutter, as we all did after a few hours, he lost interest.

Is there something behind the door? Maybe? No? Yes?


I decided, after packing up my stash for the 2nd time in two years, that enough is enough and I went back to work on this.

IMG_2056 IMG_2055

All I need to do is attach the bottom row. Then on to row 4. After row 4 I am over halfway done. I finished the last “block” in 47 minutes, which is down from the hour it usually takes.

So, this week I am off to Stitches West with my sister Martha. Down by Santa Clara.

Then the next week it’s the big drive BACK to MN. I never thought I’d be doing that again. I think, if this keeps up, I’ll need to be institutionalized before it’s all over.

So, the blog may be slow to catch up, but there will surely be a lot of news when it does.

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