Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Potato Wood Duck

I don’t know. It must be in the air that Dave and I make spectacles of ourselves where ever we roam.

Which is mostly Fred Meyer. We love Fred Meyer. I particularly love the Bridgeport Freddies while Dave prefers the Market. Neither of us venture down 19th to that Fred’s except to get gas. That one is ghetto.

I digress.

We went to the store last weekend and in the produce section (nothing ever good happens in produce) Dave was perusing the sweet potato bin (after first thinking that the russets were mismarked as sweets-what a gaffe, right?) when he held up a particularly fine specimen and said-Look, it’s a duck.

He couldn’t have been prouder.  Of course we brought it home.


Doubters. It totally looks like a duck.

Even the cat thought it was real.


(I tried to put a thought bubble that said “the hell…..??” but as usual photo shop defeats me)

I know, right?



It’s noble and regal and apparently needs a hair cut. I think we might have eaten it yesterday.

It also snowed last Saturday night.

I had to work Saturday. When I went to cross the bridge-


The next day-

IMG_2040 IMG_2038

We measured-


A little over two inches. On Sunday AM. Why, oh why, not on Monday when work could have been affected?

Chat wasn’t impressed-


I tried to take a picture of the yard in the AM but the beacon that is our neighbors across the street sort of ruined the effect.


Seriously, airplanes have become disoriented flying over head that damn light is so bright. The lady who owns the house is on a sabbatical and the idiots who are renting decided they needed to keep our house bright all night long. We appreciate that.

The Valencia also classed it up with some snow art-


Awww, thanks Valencia…um, wait a minute…..


Valencia? Really? Is that what you think?


Overkill, Valencia, overkill.

We love the Valencia. (In it’s defense, it is really quiet over there).


So peaceful in it’s winter wonderland.

So, that’s my week. What did I do in-between?

Well, a couple of Fridays ago I did this……


So sorry about the blur, but you get the point right?

It was a slow day, don’t judge.

PS AND-apparently we are not using the EOM distinction correctly because it would appear we were just sending the same subject line back and forth all day. With no body, just subject.

I think I just came up with a new past time.

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