Thursday, December 5, 2013

….and 6000 of my closest friends.

I have been busy. That’s my go to blog excuse when I haven’t blogged for a while. But it’s been a wild ride. Much of it not photographed.

My blog muse, Laura, whom I seem to speak to daily-except for weekends because she doesn’t have internet because she’s living some sort of Bear Grylls Woman vs Wild thing, asked me how I was going to blog some of the events of the past month of November, or was it going to remain the thing that is not blogged?

Well, besides that being one of the longest sentences I have ever written about Laura, she did bring up a point.

So, I will say my dad got remarried on Nov 23rd. And that’s about that. I do have a picture of us.


And let me tell you, it was hellish trying to get this picture from the original format it was sent to me to the format of this page. Just saying. The dress I am wearing was my mother’s, along with the pearl pin. I thought it was a nice touch.

After that was Thanksgiving. Dave’s son and his girlfriend were down. I didn’t take a picture. Dave might have. Nah. I went to steal a photo off of Facebook but apparently he didn’t post one. Really? Do I have to photo journal EVERYTHING?

We did go to Seattle the day after Thanksgiving and I did photograph that event. I had to pick up my race packet for the Seattle Marathon in which I ran the half marathon. Because I may be crazy but I’m not stupid.

We got there early because I defy Seattle to defeat me with it’s traffic insanity. And there was going to be insanity what with the downtown parade and the Apple cup going on (hey, I supplied the link, you look it up). So, I was prepared for all that Seattle could throw at me. And, of course, there was no traffic. None. What. So. Ever. Damn you Seattle and your traffic patterns. You mock me.

Because of that I had time to enjoy some parade-

A band is always good.


and the Giant Seahawk helmet going by the Bartell’s.


Oh, and the actual Seahawk crossing in front of the national barrier truck. Right?


I am not really sure about these things. But they rolled right past.


….ballerinas. I wish they could have done a few pirouettes or something. Triple Salchow perhaps? Wait, wrong sport, but same costume, sort of.


And lastly, when I was going to go shopping these went by up the block.


Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talkin about. Giant freaking cupcakes rolling down the street. It was all I could do to refrain from running, screaming, down the street and launching myself at them. It’s like a dream.

After that, it was time to get serious.

I took a pic of the fancy purses to send to Angie, a purse aficionado. Every time I’m down here, wallowing in the fancy purses of Seattle, I think of her.


And of me. Cause although I bought presents, there was a little pair of jeans just for me. Because I had to replace the one’s that got stolen-remember?


We got to the Westin and I queued up to get my packet for the race-



The Seattle Marathon, and Restrooms. Sweet.

On Sunday, I ran. We got pictures of the start, but Dave took no pictures of me at all. If you want to see some professional images, you’ll have to go to, put in my last name, and the event, which was the Amica Seattle Marathon. And pay no attention to the picture of that girl in my grouping that isn’t me. I guess they thought she was me. Except her hair is much more flowey. Or maybe they are trying to tell me something.

I took these two pics of the pre race ambiance.

IMG_0406 IMG_0405 - Copy

But we didn’t get any shots of the 5,999 others.

We put up our tree when we got home. It’s a fakey. I know, the center of the universe for Christmas trees and we have a fake. It’s because this year we just had to make it simple. I thought it turned out quite well.


Beta was happy because we had to pile up the dog beds and he got a super duper padded sleep.


And of course Jack.


I was at LeRoy’s, my fave jeweler and saw this pretty danged cool menorah. It was the most unique one I have ever seen.



Oh, and before any of this happened, we went to see American Idiot. The rock opera based on the Green Day Album.


We had the time of our lives.

Lastly, my friend Jill sent me a picture of her little cat Burt interrupting her plan to finish a quilt. I thought he was very stately.


And maybe a little possessive of the fabric.

And really lastly, I call this one

“When Dave and I come back as cats”


I will still rock the annoyed look, in a patient resigned sort of way.

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