Monday, April 29, 2013

Life Goes On

Well, as everyone knows my Mother passed away two weeks ago.

(Is that really all it is? Time seems to be bending just a little bit).

This weekend, on Saturday April 27th, we had the funeral. It was actually an internment. It was very nice, short, and pretty. With a lunch with family and friends afterwards.


The pre-funeral suits. (I took about 5 pictures and on each one Dave is playing on his phone).

And after the ceremony and the luncheon, we again met at the apartment, but the mood was a little less somber. We had a delicious dinner. And we remembered how Mother used to whip out a dinner like this all by herself. This one took all three of us!


The “Adult” table.


The “Children’s” Table.

There are some cases where you never grow up. I guess this is one.

So we survived that, and now we go on.

The week before, however, I ran a 10 K. The big shoe was there again, although when I tried to get Dave to take a picture it didn’t turn out quite so well. But here’s the best of the two he took.


I guess he was trying to get the water view in? Not sure.

This was also the race Cody was supposed to run with me, but he didn’t because of the change of schedules for the funeral. So I ran alone but much to my surprise I won my age division. That was pretty much of a shocker….


It was cool and a little breezy, but nice for a run.

When the boys got here the following Thursday, Cody decided he had to hit the links. So, Friday, Cody, Blane and their cousin Jacob took Grampa and off they went for 18 holes.


It was a really nice day for it.


There’s the three of them and Grampa in the cart. They shot 28 over or some fantastic score. Wow. Tiger Woods they are not, but I bet they had more fun.

And out of sheer need to take a picture, I took this series.


Jack, waiting……


Cat on the food prep area. Really? Um, maybe you all want to rethink the open invitation for a meal…..


And not to be left out, Yeltsie.

I didn’t take any pictures (why I don’t know) but yesterday, Sunday, my sister Martha, and I met up with friends here at Makers Mercantile for knitting. It is the greatest place. I am sure I will be going back soon. Very soon. And I will take pictures.

Oh, and lastly, but not really that importantly, I got the wall on my cubicle so now I can sleep without fear of someone coming around the corner and seeing me. That having to look busy was ex-HAUS-ting.





That is what I am talking about. I can still see a little window though.


But they can’t see me.

Just how I like it.

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Miss Gee said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. But I'm glad you've got family to lean on. Also, that cubicle looks comfy! :P