Saturday, November 10, 2012

Too Good Not to Share

How could I have possibly been gone for so long? How? Because I received some photographs that are just too important not to share-so I don’t know how I kept them to myself.

What was I thinking?

As it’s coming into winter, the Mix farm is full of additions. Actually, the Mix farm (and really, it’s farms now, and even more really, I am counting the days until Laura moves into one of them….um, that comment is going to make her really irritated, but in a nicely irritated way you get when someone is 1500 miles away and out of range of direct irritation retaliation…..) but I digress, the Mix farm was pretty active all year long with calves. But the important ones come in the fall.

And so it is with my new calf, Gargantua.

OK, they call this “little” cow Big Boy, which makes me think it’s a boy and technically not a little cow. (I will call it a little cow if I want-just saying) What happened was it was born so giant even it’s mother tried to stomp it to ground. Hence it’s in the barn, and very large getting way more bottles than the normal cow calf, and hence my naming of my new calf, Gargantua.

I think even Laura was impressed because she actually got a picture of said little cow, and believe me, I have requested many photographic records of the calves in the barn to which I get a very negative response. Very negative. Sometimes I even got a walk away response.

That response goes like this

Me-Laura, go out to the farm and get some pictures of the new calves for the blog.

Laura-(eye roll, big sigh) I’m leaving now.

Me-You know you want to. Laura? Laura??? Wait, do you hear me? PICTURES OF CALVES FOR THE BLOG? HELLO? I CAN FOLLOW YOU YOU KNOW!

Well, now I can’t technically follow her in person, I can only stalk her online, so to get these pictures is nothing short of a miracle  (and probably some sort of reprimand from the internet police).

So I present Gargantua, who, I understand knocked Laura down in her church clothes, which makes me really love this cow.

Gargantua 1

Don’t you think this cow has the crazy eye? I do. And doesn’t he just look feisty as all get out? This is my kind of cow. Plus I hear tell of cat chasing and all sorts of trouble. I like it!

Gargantua 2 

Gargantua 3

Look at Laura’s mom giving my little Gargantua some love-but in reality is trying to get photographic confirmation that he can jump the stall. Laura says this is totally rewarding bad behavior and I must agree. Laura’s mom needs to immediately enroll Gargatual into puppy school to make sure these behaviors are nipped in the bud. I don’t think anyone will notice he’s not a puppy. Although the scooping could be problematic….

And of course, no blog of my cows would be complete without this-

Gargantua and Laura

I love me some Laura and little cows, especially when they  are giant cows, and those cows are mine.

Doesn’t she look happy to be with Gargantua, or do I detect a forced happy expression there? And why does she have my little cow pinned with her knee and what is that hidden hand doing…? (Note to self-research Laura’s secret power with Vulcan Mind Meld power grip which she seems to be giving to my little giant cow calf)

She has never felt the cow love like I do.

She can foster 10 cats and not love my cow. I simply do not understand. But I have to love someone who will get a butting from my cow (hey-it was a love butt), and go down in a stall, just for the sake of the blog. In her church clothes……just sayin’

Gargantua 5

Crazy eye…..

In other news, I had the house inspection this week. I got to spend some quality time with Mr. Man. Why don’t I have a picture with that guy? Seriously? Again we had some serious laughs. Although he is a high end realtor and not used to selling houses in my price range (which I pointed out to him several times) he has appreciated that he can certainly be honest with me. I am going to get our pic at closing. If we ever close.

Inspection went well, waiting for rebuttal from seller. Gotta love the wait! It’s what real estate is all about. I have to say, that although this house will need some work, that is what I love about a house. I was spoiled in a new house, but I was also a little bored that it was like all the other houses in the hood. And all the other new construction. This one is different and OMG, needs some TLC. People, we live in a rainforest temperate climate. You seriously have to pay attention to your crap. I have tried to post the picture of the gutters filled with debris but can’t copy them-dang it. So I found a reasonable facsimile-

Kind of like this only with needles. You get the picture.

And a few other things. But the structure was good and I think it will be fab. I wish Dave would hurry up and get here. I have to fly back on Dec 13th so he can pick me up and start driving with 3 cats, two dogs, and a bird. God.

But on a lighter note, more house-which hopefully, I’ll still be buying after all the inspection crap….


This is the crazy wall. We just don’t get it. At all.

IMG_1206 IMG_1207 IMG_1211 IMG_1212 IMG_1223 IMG_1226

If she’d have had a stager, this wall would NEVER have remained this color. Ever.


It’s all confusing I know. But I have guest rooms, and so whenever you all get out here to visit, it will all make sense. I hope. If I actually buy this house.

That’s the thing about real estate, you just never know!

And on a closing note, I went to the dentist this week. This is the same dentist my parents go to. And I use the same realtor, and now the same trust company, and all sorts of things and you know what? It’s always the same-

Them-And how did you hear of us?

Me-Well, my parents are the Kalahans.

Them-Oh, we know them…….

Seriously, if you could hear the tone of that response, I am just not sure if I should be mentioning them or not.

Although, I must say, after the brief pause they only have the nicest things to say. I think because my parents are almost 90. If I acted like them right now there would be no nice follow up

At all.

Happy Veterans Day All

(freaking county workers-I’ll be thinking of you Monday…..)


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